The process that copies a DNA molecule B 6. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Hershey and Chase studied a bacteriophage that was composed of a DNA core and a protein coat. Make a sketch of the double helix of DNA. However, a tendency toward skin cancer might be inherited.

The process that can change a harmless bacterial strain into a disease-causing strain B. It adds short, repeated DNA sequences to telomeres. In eukaryotes, DNA is organized into chromosomes within the nucleus. A kind of virus that infects bacteria For Questions 7—15, complete each statement by writing in the correct word or words. UV Damage — How does it happen. How many types of ultraviolet radiation are there?

Definition C Term 1.

12.3 dna replication homework

Write the replicatoin in the order in which they occur. Skin cancer is caused by damage to the DNA in adult skin cells, which would not be passed along to any offspring.

12.3 dna replication homework

Look carefully at the diagram. Because each strand can be used to make the other strand. In DNA, the fit between thymine and adenine and the fit between cytosine and guanine.

Offspring get the same sequence of bases their parents had.


12.3 DNA Replication

The diagram below homewlrk the replication of DNA. Add this document to saved. Complete the table to compare and contrast DNA replication in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The center of the DNA strand exhibits base pairing. Although many proteins check the DNA for damage or errors, damaged regions can still be replicated. Circle the correct answer to complete the sentence. How does this enzyme work? And 20 percent of American adults actually sunbathe—that is, they deliberately expose their skin to solar radiation.

Nearly all of it is contained in chromosomes, which are in the nucleus. The chart below shows key terms from the lesson with their definitions. The tip of a chromosome D 5. An enzyme that joins individual nucleotides to produce a new strand of DNA C.

UV Damage — How does it happen. Warning Signs of Skin Cancer The skills used in this activity include creativity and intellectual curiosity, information and media literacy, and social responsibility. Name Class Date Use Internet and library resources to research the warning signs of skin cancer and what a person who detects one or more of these warning signs should do.


Ethnic groups in the Middle East. In eukaryotes, DNA is organized into chromosomes within the nucleus. DNA polymerase Lesson Organize your questions and answers in the two-column table below.

DNA Replication

Besides, more frequent sun exposure now results in a higher risk of skin damage later. How can you protect yourself from UV radiation? Look at the illustration of DNA replication in your textbook. What is the name of the enzyme that joins individual nucleotides?

Add to collection s Add to saved. A replication fork is a point in a DNA molecule where the two strands separate during replication. Why are the strands of a DNA molecule said to be complementary? The match is nearly always perfect between A and T and G and C, so that the code is copied correctly every time.