The following procedure should be followed in the case of an excused absence: Co-curricular activities add variety to the student’s school day. Recommendations of teachers, guidance, and administration. The counselor is available to students, parents and teachers. You will be able to use the library before or after school at the discretion of the librarian.

Physical aggression against any person. In addition, the complainant may appeal directly to the State Superintendent if the board has not provided written acknowledgment within 45 days of receipt of the written complaint. Recommendations of teachers, guidance, and administration. Transportation must be provided by the student. There are three numbers to call depending on the grade level: No eating or drinking on the bus.

Use of gold card for hall pass. Meetings are held once or twice per month.

You are asked to maintain a quiet atmosphere. Level 4 Major Infractions: Students are to work at assigned computers. Discrimination complaints shall be hotlinr in accordance with the following procedure: Extended detentions must be served on the date assigned. Parents and law enforcement officials will be notified and weapons will be confiscated. History Alive the series.



Consequences will be initiated as soon as possible. Extremely inappropriate behavior toward an adult.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Treat peers with respect. Report cards include the grade earned and comments.

Ayden Middle School

Cox Communications Discount Internet Information. Level 3 – Major infractions regarding disrespect toward an adult. In the past the rewards have been roller skating and skiing for first semester and Valley Fair for second semester.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Individual student achievement on test scores obtained on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination: Complaints by students or parents regarding unlawful discrimination or unlawful harassment including sexual harassment shall follow the procedures of District Rule Any student tardy to school after 9: We believe our school provides learning experiences which reflect the needs of our students and our society.

AMS Student Handbook Upon leaving the library, you may be subject to a check for books not properly checked out. Suspended for remainder of day, if after 1: BoxMadison, WI hrade If your cooperation in maintaining proper library atmosphere is lacking, the privilege of using it during the day will be taken away.

For the years not requiring a physical card, an alternate year card must be completed.


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Extended After-School Detention will operate in the following manner: In order for a student to be promoted from 8th to 9th grade, they must attain two of the following three criteria: We feel it is important to provide programs that will help us accomplish our goals and objectives. Arrive to class on time.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Extended after school detention or suspension as deemed necessary by the principal. Back to School Information Levels of Infraction Infractions are broken down into four levels of severity: Stay in assigned area. Computer Lab is open from 8: Students receiving sms that result in an Extended After-School detention will serve that detention on Tuesday of the following week. Minimum Consequences for Major Infractions: