To verify that English is the sole medium of instruction, one of the following forms of documentation is required for institutions outside of the United States: In light of this fact, please describe: My focus was no longer on the simple pleasures of life—I had a larger goal ahead of me. To verify that English is the sole medium of instruction, one of the following forms of documentation is required for institutions outside of the United States:. At Biola University, our common foundation is our faith in Christ and becoming transformed into His likeness. Transfer to Biola Looking to transfer from another university or community college?

Website By Ping Designs. Complete program-specific admissions requirements Check the program-specific admissions requirements page for requirement details. Let us help you get started on a new chapter in your education. Many students discover Biola and just know right away —this is where they belong. Engaged with this vibrant community of bright believers. We Hire Biola During their time here, Biola students are equipped with the tools and skills they need to excel outside of the classroom. The following are the scores needed to qualify for AEP:.

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Scriptures about sickness simply existing in a fallen world became more clearly evident than ever before. I also learned that sometimes God allows things, such as my illness, to happen to prove His healing power. The Lord began to reveal many Scriptures to me that provided encouragement and bolstered my battered faith. The facilitators of the group decided that it was best for the students to begin teaching the lessons.


Usually on sticky notes. Newer Post Older Post Home. Throughout my childhood, I suffered a physical ailment known as Pancreatitis. An entire all-Christian community will be exploring, researching, seeking and finding answers right alongside you.

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Take the Next Step. I began to question everything.

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When I began to think about it recently, the first thing that popped into my head was the answer I had given for years: Stop by our brand-new Welcome Center in Metzger Hall when you arrive and then get ready to be impressed.

Official degree pdompt or transcripts may be accepted given English is stated as the medium of instruction.

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Ways to provide proof of English proficiency include one of the following:. One only needs turn on the television or flip open a magazine to see an advertisement that aims to convince promot that their product will satisfy your every need. As a teenager, I attended Apostolic Christian Academy, a small church school, in which my spiritual walk was given immense opportunities to mature in the things of God.

I have never been more certain about anything. I want them to know the love of Christ through my actions. biolw

It all starts with you making a move — a courageous, life-altering decision to become a part of the next class of extraordinary, intentional, brilliant Biola students. When Christianity happens to be thrust in the spotlight, it is often because of great hypocrisy, which then ends up turning even more people away from God.

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Biola University Admissions Essay. And, remember, enroll by May 1. With the same clarity as getting glasses for the first time, my view of the world was suddenly tack sharp. Jokes that might have made me laugh before now made me cringe.


The culture around us promotes dependency on ourselves alone. Helping you find your way while you receive one of the finest faith-integrated educations on earth. Although I endured many physical trials in my life, they have brought me to the place where I am today.

biola application essay prompt

Here I was, going about my life, believing that Jesus exists, but not desiring to follow Him in the slightest. Students would be taking AEP courses concurrently with the graduate degree program courses.

There’s nothing quite like being here. I used to think it was difficult for someone who has grown up in the church, as I have, to actually pinpoint the time when they made a decision to follow Christ. This is the application essay I wrote: I began prommpt rid myself of everything that was slowly turning my focus away from God.

If an idea challenges our emotional feelings or the preconceived logic that we hold dear, then the new idea must not be true. I see this at work, school, and even in my own home. Sunday, December 25, Biola Essay.