The temple is made up of marble. In , the planetarium established the degree sky theatre, the first in India, [5] with the installation of a full-dome mirror projection system with a DLP projector. Try these posts too: Check out in evening, you will see this architectural beauty in lights around it and will see from top of hill Hyderabad glittering. On the last day of the summer vacations, we went to Nehru Planetarium. The roof looked like Space. I makes you forget that you are sitting in a small auditorium.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Birla Science Centre at Hyderabad is a large planetarium near the Government of India tourist office providing a virtual tour of the stars and the solar system. I guess they have different topics. January 19, at 6: It was nice of them to put up that bronze statue of Aryabhatta! There were many large pictures of Chacha Nehru.

Birla Planetarium, Chennai

Besides these there are regular movie shows starting from Nishitha K n 3. We were very afraid when the auditorium became dark. The Birla Science Center is open from National Children’s Museum, New Delhi.


The Planetarium had a large, round dome shaped roof. Holiday Packages By Trending Destinations.

birla planetarium essay

It is a better way to spend a day with your kids than taking them to the mall once again. Mon to Sat – Your name Please enter your name. That makes me wonder — how many years its been since I star-gazed?

birla planetarium essay

Birla Mandir Ranked 2. Birlait is the most modern planetarium in India. Latest in Silhouette Magazine. Families with children can visit for one time, the screen is full of dust and the voice over is still old which they are plametarium from last 20 yrs.

The theory is one thing but to see those scientific principals being implemented in lifesize models is a different experience, and kids understand this better than anybody else. Chennai Cheetahs Chennai City F.

Send your creative writings and expressions to editor learningandcreativity. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. See the sky shows which are organized in both Telugu and English languages. National Philatelic Museum, New Delhi. Dear fellow traveler welcome to desi Traveler, I am excited to have you here, please share your thoughts and I will be very happy to reply.


Birla Planetarium in Kolkata, Facts, Must do things

Wonderla Amusement Park National Rail Museum, New Delhi. Views Read Edit View history.

birla planetarium essay

In the auditorium, we got the glasses free. Gandhi Museum, New Delhi. Bombay Natural History Museum, Mumbai.

Birla Planetarium Kolkata

Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi. Missed visiting the one in Bangalore but will be checking it out soon. I need many details regarding availabilty of planetarium projectors, cost of projectors, etc pl share the details. I once went to Birla esssay in Kolkata and it was a good experience. Gopalan Trophy Madras Presidency Matches. There are about 8 staff at the planetarium. Many stars have been observed to have planets orbiting around them, and hopefully one of them will have life!