South Asian Journal of Management. Therefore the team will not likely support the new leader unless the said leader proves his worth and earns trust and respect. The male staff however counter filed a complain against the female staff. Managing a diverse team also includes managing overt and covert behaviours by leveraging on the strengths, understanding office politics and doing something to improve or avoid conflicts and bring successful change Kermond for the benefit of the group. She also supports Diverse NZ Inc, which works with leading Kiwi businesses to promote the business gains resulting from diverse leadership and diversity of thought. Diversity in all simplicity means difference, both visible and non-visible Mullins

Who are your role models in the legal profession? Of the 26 new silks appointed in , just four were women. Perception on something would determine how it is perceived and can be negative if influenced in a bad way such as prejudice on a dark-skin person as bad Wilkinson, Garand and Dunaway You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

According to cultural frame of reference Johnson et al Conclusion The end result of all these is teamwork through proper leadership style that encourages synergy Figure 22014acceptance and inclusiveness Lawford Accept the difference and celebrate it.

They send people like myself as a former employee to manage the Mid-Level and below, right down to the engineer level. Diversity as a strategy appears to be gaining traction as a variety of sectors are starting to look at the issue. I have managed many diverse groups.

Case Study: Diversity delivers a distinct competitive advantage – ATC Hub

Moving forward Singtel has positioned itself to utilise its diversity to grow other initiatives such cyber security, cloud and smart city across its associates Amit It now has programmes to support ageing workers and foster young Asian leaders.

As a direct action plan, we had to separate both of them to different teams and departments so that the diverslty is eased. The Academy of Management Review.


bnz diversity case study 2014

How would you choose? The male staff however counter filed a complain against the female staff.

The value of diversity for Singtel has given them a competitive advantage as they spread from South East Asia to South Asia and now to Africa. She joined Simpson Grierson 20 years ago, she says, because the firm had the best civersity for hiring and promoting women. Based on your opinion, what are some of the challenges that Singtel may face because of having such a diverse team?

By continuing to use bbnz website, you agree to their use. In order to give him the benefit of the doubt and maintain harmony in the entire group, they were separated until we find more proof to get a conclusion and final decision. The pre-requisites to taking action on diversity are outlined, and a diagram and discussion are presented of the actions BNZ have taken since initiating the project in April ; these include a programme targeting high-potential women for upward movement, targets and measures for women’s representation in senior management, the institution of flexible work options for all roles, and training programmes to identify unconscious bias.

A glass of water Vaughan Perception on something would determine how it is perceived and can be negative if influenced in a bad way such as prejudice on a dark-skin person as bad Wilkinson, Garand and Dunaway Impact and challenges of diversity Managing a diverse team requires understanding and identifying differences, strengths and weaknesses to building trust and respect while accepting the constraints of internal and external diverskty and cultural factors Pant and Vijaya Uber and Amazon failed in China as they were not trying to understand local culture such as bargaining practises, more time for considering a purchase or even website in local language.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Because BNZ just released a page study outlining the growing case for diversity as a competitive advantage.


bnz diversity case study 2014

Each quarter the company carries out a diversity scorecard to measure its objectives. We have a diverse mix of people therefore this is still done within the team under my management. Yes, you are correct to state studdy a good leader should have a good team and able to support each other.

bnz diversity case study 2014

At least one law stidy is looking to take the discussion further and widen its scope outside of the gender gap. As a general rule or process, i find out all strengths and weaknesses first prior to coming up with a plan which is inline with the goal of the cwse. The reasons are adding up — recruitment and retention of top talent, increased innovation, access to new markets — and the importance of diversity can no longer be ignored.

Case Study: Diversity delivers a distinct competitive advantage

Simpson Grierson divversity in the process of finalising its diversity policy and the firm is looking at setting targets for the promotion of women within the firm, says Heather Ash, a partner leading the firm’s local government and environment group in Auckland. On my part i earn trust and respect in return. As such, it is better to reach out and embrace it and collaborate instead of judging by its looks Auckland You are commenting using sudy Facebook account.

You are commenting using your Google account. Men exhibit internal tendencies and are inclined to believe they control their own destiny. From a management perspective, the Board level manages diversity at their level while people like myself acts as a medium between Board and ground level. New Zealand 20144 the 16th country to require such reporting.