However, 27 years after IRCA was passed, there were approximately 11, Border Patrol agents just about 2 percent of the force in Border Patrol Alex Essay words – 5 pages learning about all the varied aspects of a border patrol agent. The search warrant might require an hour or two past that. Silko’s article is unbalanced and not logical because there are too many personal experiences and not enough factual information. People who can relate to what the author has to say, maybe someone who has experienced something similar.

It was clear the uniformed men would be only too happy to drag us out of the car if we did not speedily comply with their request asking a question is tantamount to resistance, it seems. The primary agency is the Boarder Patrol itself. The Border Patrol also merged with customs, which has a long history with border. Ethos is a very critical persuasion method, if someone is not given strong credibility, they might not believe what is said. From reading this article, it is evident that Silko needs to have more factual evidence like statistics to provide credibility to the reader. As of , the politicians were seeking improvements by adding more fencing, more military equipment and increasing the labor force to 20, agents Holmes. For example she tells us about a story that her friend told her about his own father, which is unable to be researched or proven.

Summary of “The Border Patrol State” by Leslie Marmom Silko

This example unlike her first was better stated so that the audience would feel a sense of remorse for the death of an innocent human being. I think that anyone who sllko this, regardless if they already have an opinion of the subject, will feel disdain toward the border patrol and their denial of rights to US citizens. Silko’s article is unbalanced and not logical because there are too many personal experiences and not enough factual information.

border patrol state silko essay

There are many interesting careers that are arising as the years pass by. Then one day when she stepped off the train in Albuquerque, two Border Patrolmen accosted her, wanting to know what she was doing, and why she was traveling between Los Angeles and Albuquerque twice a month.


She felt different from and not fully accepted by essayy full blooded Native Americans or white people.

I would also hear stories of parents leaving their children in their home country so that they could come to America and make enough money to either send to them or have their child join them in the US by crossing the border illegally.

No person, no citizen, is free to travel without the scrutiny of the Border Patrol.

border patrol state silko essay

However, 27 years after IRCA was passed, there were approximately 11, Border Patrol agents just about 2 percent of the force in Since she is six feet tall and of Irish and German ancestry, she was not particularly concerned.

These two fields include some of the most extensive hiring process.

Two more Border Patrol agents immediately approached our car, and one of them snapped, “Are you looking for trouble? After they satisfied themselves that he was not smuggling Chinese immigrants, they sent him on his way. I will be conducting the research to answer these questions.

INS agents now patrol all interstate highways and stqte that lead to or from the U.

English My Analysis of “The Border Patrol State” by Lesile Marmon Silko

Even in the days of Spanish and Mexican rule, no attempts were made to interfere with the flow of esway and goods from south to north and north to south. To preserve and extend the benefits our close relationship has helped bring to. Once your car is diverted from the interstate highway srate the checkpoint area, you are under the control of the Border Patrol, which in practical terms exercises a power that no highway patrol or city patrolman possesses: One again, Silko is not esday logical or reasonable person in this case.

The traditional border patrol agencies saw their turf being attacked EAP, In the city of South Tucson, where 80 percent of the respondents were Chicano or Mexicano, a joint research project by the University of Wisconsin and the University of Arizona recently concluded that one out of every five people there had been detained, mistreated verbally or nonverbally, or questioned by INS agents in the past two years.


border patrol state silko essay

Journal of Aplied Research on Children: I definitely would not have had as many amazing opportunities that I have now. Her background has affected the way she perceives reality. Unable to identify with those groups and despite her pain, she was able to overcome the lack of acceptance and identify with the Laguna culture. I had settled back and gone to sleep while Gus drove, but I was awakened when I felt the car slowing to a stop.

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Get inspired and start your paper now! She reveals that living in Laguna society, as a mixed blood person from a prominent family, caused her a lot of pain. Silko also gives examples about how one border patrol member killed xilko civilian out of cold blood and his partner had sioko turn him in for the chargers. One evening at sundown, we were stopped in traffic at a railroad crossing in downtown Tucson while a freight train passed us, slowly gaining speed as it headed north to Phoenix.

Throughout this piece the author shows us what is wrong with system of keeping illegals out of our country. It was nearly midnight on New Mexico State Road 26, a dark, lonely stretch of two-lane highway between Hatch and Deming.

When are border patrol agents abusing their power? Silko goes on to say that what happened to her that night is, unfortunately, stte common occurrence. Types of Patrol The main type of birder that is used is mainly agents walking on foot, which is most commonly used in the brush or field work.