Because the company is dependent on its production and sales, the key recurring activities are: To avoid any similar problem: Managers can propose development new product and possible build their own manufacturing plants. Motivated, innovative Investment justified Confidence in Mr Van Leuven Not yet competent on the product They want the proposal to be executed Competition and no communication between the two parts Influence problems Profit or decentralized management? Case Study Axeon N. Published by Melissa Oliver Modified over 3 years ago.

They want the subsidiaries to reach a target and evaluate them on results achieved. According to financial situation, three methods can be applied: Indirect control by having a managing director as a board member of subsidiary. There are different transfer-pricing alternatives: All rights reserved Chapter Strategic Training. Incoherence with strategy of decentralization. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

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Case Study Axeon N. Because the company is dependent on its production and sales, the key recurring activities are: Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

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To avoid any similar problem: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Case Study Axeon N. To attract vase personnel 2. Management Challenge an exploration of business This computer simulation give you and the others: Motivation to make changes by giving autonomy to subsidiaries.


Establishing a new plan in UK may not be in the best interest of Axeon, but the management needs to think about solutions to solve the conflicts.

case study axeon n.v

What do you feel about the initial analysis? Difficult to control subsidiaries, disputes Question 9: Independence between the sales in different regions diversified risk.

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What do you believe to be the CSFs in Axeon? Plant will operate at full capacity.

Though it is said that the subsidiaries are encouraged to propose the development of new products, but the fact was that the M.v Netherlands would take over the idea of new product development if it made more returns. Is the construction of the new factory in the UK in the best interest of Axeon? Two opposite clans with different interests, j.v power and different influence: The problem comes from the bonus plan Each subsidiary will to increase profit Each manager wants to be rewarded It is a personal interest conflict Rewards regarding profits and others non monetary performance idea, innovation should be established.


case study axeon n.v

Why did Mr Van Leuven behave as he did? To bargain and reject products. The salary of the managers depends on the subsidiaries profit The subsidiaries can produce the product that they deemed appropriated.

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Benefit from economies of scale, synergies. Headquartered in Heerlen the Netherlands. Risk of rejecting the proposal We will write a custom essay sample on. High degree of decentralisation and autonomy in decision-making.

Lack of information about capacities and costs that took time for evaluation of the project. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. What is your topic?

To decide what to sell and produce csae their territories. However his behavior creates conflicts between Netherland team and England team.

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case study axeon n.v