Analysis Assumptions Process Flow 2. However, it only performs 33 operations per day, so thebottleneck between these 2 processes is the number of operations being performed per day. Case Study Shoulder Hospital Limited Rhea four most important influences on competitiveness in a company are cost, time Speed , flexibility and quality. Leadership and Management Styles. This would also aid in protecting against privacy to an extent.

Our Company Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Assistant surgeons, nurses and house keeping staff have no impact on the overall capacity. The maximum number of patients a week is Since each of the normal operations take1 hour, and there are 5 hours available during the morning, 5 operations could be scheduled in eachoperating room from 7: Chapter 1 – Kellogg School of Management.

After lunch, the remaining 13 operations are performed. As we established above, the current bottleneck lies in the room capacity of 89 and that an increase in shouldicr of rooms will fix this bottleneck.

Many cli nics or doctors claim to use the Shouldice technique or the Canadian method and in the eventuality o f the operation performed by them being unsuccessful it brings a bad name to the Shouldice Hospital. For complaints, use another form.

Since we are looking at th e United States as an alternate the government regulations of Canada would not be applicable. The procedure includes early ambulation following surgery for rapid and effective recovery.

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Wtudy us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. This case can be used in advanced undergraduate, MBA, or executive-level courses.


The selection of the new chief surgeon must be d one by carefully scrutinizing all the surgeons in the hospital as well as interviewing new candidate s for the same.

case study shouldice hospital limited

Currently the hospital’s services are not being marketed. Long Term and Short Term Objectives: Cite View Details Purchase. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Currently the patients a re made to become self sufficient soon after the operation.

case study shouldice hospital limited

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The Shouldice Hospital, Ontario, Cana da is a pioneer in the field of treating patients suffering from external abdominal hernia. The selection of a succe ssor to Dr. Parents of kids can stay for free and the annual check-up is also free-of-charge. Patients actually get this wtudy technique and remarkable environment for approximately half the costof going elsewhere.


The plan of expanding the capacity by moving into ano ther geographical segment such as the United States, involves extensive capital expenditure in setti ng up a new facility. After analyzing all the alternatives I would prop ose a combination of plans 1 and 5 to be implemented.

By Bruno Amato and Corrado Rispoli. Rhea four most important influences on competitiveness in a company are cost, time Speedflexibility and quality. The patients are treated using the operated up on using the Shouldice Method, and on an average each patient has to spend four days in the hospital recuperating.


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Shouldice Hospital Limited Case Study | Case Study Template

No surgeries on Saturday or Sunday. Also diversifica tion into other related medical fields of surgery such as eye surgery, varicose veins, and hemorrhoi ds is possible. Demandfor Shouldice services is so much higher than its current capacity of 89 beds that it is in a constant state ofoperations backlog, which grows by patients every 6 months.

After analyzing various plans of actions, it is proposed that the capacity of the hospital be increased by scheduling the operations on Saturdays al so. Because of an increasing backlog, patients tend to go to other doctors for operations.

In case limitted arrive at a constant rate of 33 a day: At the hozpital time, retaining the existing talent pool of doctors and attracting newer doctors willing to learn t he specialized hernia operations skill is also a primary issue.

You limitev add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Workshops for the same will help d ispel any fears in the minds of the existing staff.