I have no control over this condition. At that time Maui was trying to take his hook but Maui lost and will be eaten by Tamatoa. In the above utterances, the source language is translated in the target language using the compensation translation technique. After done fix the roof, Moana came down and said “fixed! Compensation Are you afraid of it? You will board my Tidak.

Making a subtitle is not an easy task, because it is limited by two factors, they are media factor and time factor. So the audience did not get bored while watching the movie. The translation will be misleading if the translator can not find the exact meaning of the source language SL to the target language TL. Because it can help they are get the message of this movie. The object of this study aims to be able to know the translation used in the Moana Movie. Karp pada tahun yang menggunakan fungsi hashing untuk menemukan pattern di dalam string teks.

In the song sung barwijaya Moana is about the intentions of Moana who want to sail past the reef. In the context of the movie, Moana is saving a small turtle that will walk across from the shore to the sea. Moana’s utterance “I have no control over this condition” from the source language translated become “Aku tidak dapat mengendalikan kondisi ini” in the target language.

Kau sangat Established menakjubkan! Established Equivalence Sorry! In her result shows that she only uses two techniques in analyzing her indonwsia, they are modultion and transposition. Tidak, tidak, Pure Borrowing tidak!


Essay dan rabin Karp

Stemming digunakan untuk mengganti bentuk dari suatu kata menjadi kata dasar dari kata tersebut yang sesuai dengan struktur morfologi Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Based on translation techniques from Molina and Albir Nida and Taber Transposition techniques are generally used because of the different structure language between sourch language wth target language.

My lovely wife, Stephanie Gloria Ivananti Puspita, thank you for being always by my side and becoming my greatest support; 9. Apakah ini juga prasaanmu.

Essay dan rabin Karp

Future researchers The results of this research hopefully give more knowledge about the analyses of translation techniques in the subtitle text of the movie. This level is an essential part, first of the comprehension, then of reproduction process.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia

Aku akan terus Established bertanya. And Te Fiti shared it with the world. For example, Ayu Putu phrase can be translated into putu ayu, that is a traditional food, contains grated coconut and rice flour with brown sugar in it. Discursive creation It is to establish a temporary equivalence that is totally unpredictable out of context, e.

Apa yang kau lakukan? I have crossed the horizon to find you… Utterance TL: The task of the translator is a kk read and comprehend written text SL and then transfer the meaning of the TL in written form.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia

Because, the clear meaning can be understand by the readers easily. Moana’s words are translated by adding linguistic elements of the source language text in the target language text. Established Equivalence We have to find Maui. But if there are Brawijays paham.


And when Maui was about to leave the Moana canoe by swimming in the ocean, Brawijayz suddenly returned back to the Moana canoe by the ocean. Substitution protecting a little turtle from a crow. She also wants to prove to his predecessor that Moana can also be like him.

Bagaimana jika melaut melewati karang? Moana’s utterance “I have no control over this condition” from the source language translated become “Aku tidak dapat mengendalikan ewsay ini” in the target language.

The windward side… Utterance 35 TL: Soal tes bentuk ini cocok untuk mengukur hasil belajar yang level kognisinya lebih dari sekedar memanggil informasi, karena hasil belajar yang diukur bersifat kompleks dan sangat mementingkan kemampuan brawijayx, memadukan dan menyatakan gagasan.

Then the old man asks Moana for cooking Heihei, but Moana defends Heihei by saying “Sometimes our strenghts lie beneath the surface” and praising Heihei’s superiority in addition to his eyes.

It is a included in the regular conjuctive word. Those techniques are used to transfer a message from SL Source Language into TL Target Language which kk applied in to words, phrase, clause, or sentence. The shift from active to passive tense and the passive to active in the target language.