Skip to main content. London, Paul Chapman Publishing, pp. Member of Chipping Norton History Society. Locals will say it was a much rougher place. As data between rural studies literature, historical research, and interviews was triangulated, many processes were confirmed, and new ones contributed. This was for the purpose of preserving agricultural lands and the natural beauty of the town ibid. Commute, email, telephone 6.

Village Where did you move from? Brings different significances to events happening within the town. The town must then be performing a different function from that of villages. Not really quieter than cities. Lots of commuters, no work, no industries. Newcomers would be invited or feel comfortable to go to a newcomer pub, clubs and societies were joined, and further education and volunteer work by the elderly provided entrance to social circles.

Participants 2, 8, 11, and 14, each counter-urbanizers, chose their residences from those in certain price ranges, whilst participants 11 and 14 specifically desired counterurbanusation. What was found was that because town retail suits middle class adult and elderly demographics, household sizes are declining and average ages are increasing, and housing prices are well above the national average, that the town is affected by gentrification.

Retrospect and ProspectFranco Angeli, Milan. Newcomers think they know everything, but a newcomer can go back decades. Housing prices are expensive throughout the county and in Chipping Norton as well.

Case Study: Counter-urbanisation: St Ives – Mindmap in A Level and IB Geography

The latter will not only permit comparisons in terms of total migrant flows between districts — and on almost the same definitional basis as, for the first time inthe census migration data includes moves to and from university — but will also provide a great deal of information about the characteristics of migrants and about the sub-district-level geography of moves, thus enabling a more intensive examination of the nature and context of this important dimension of population redistribution.


Counterurbanisation is deemed to exist if there is a strong negative relationship between net migration rate and degree of urban status. Chipping Norton was selected for several reasons. This process should be csae, individuals and families move to idyllic countryside locations where funds stretch father, and where life is slower and quieter.

Participant 3 had lived in the Middle East, and participant 11 lived extensively in Kenya. Previously, in the absence of a national population register, migration monitoring in England and Wales has been restricted to using the National Health Service Central Register NHSCRwhich documents population movement between rather large areas based mainly on the broader framework of counties Bulusu, ; Stillwell, Though born and raised in town, some locals showed upward social mobility, and some relocators reversely inhabited social housing.

Case Study: Counter-urbanisation: St Ives

Resort and retirement districts provide the major exception to this generalisation, with these destinations proving more attractive on average than even the remoter rural category. Though affluence is generally associated counterurbanisahion the movement, counter-urbanization occurs with poorer demographics too Harper,p. Human mobility in a globalising world. Perhaps most counterurbanisaion, however, is the fact that the latter level was also sending people to three of the four levels above, the exception being the Other Metro Districts.

counterurbanisation case study uk

Criteria can be simplified as location, type, and price. Similarly strong research interest in urbanisation and counterurbanisation trends is also evident for other parts of Europe Rees, ; Kontuly, along with North America and Australia Johnson, ; Hugo,; see also Champion, a; Geyer, ; Kontuly and Geyer, a.

An explanation of why Chipping Norton was chosen as the case study location is provided first.

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The Banbury Guardian Maps were used from the years,, and The doors of Bliss Mill closed inleaving unemployed Evans,p. District Data Service[online] Available at: The first treats tourism, commodification, and preservationism.

When and why rural depopulation took place was examined, as well as reasons it might not have occurred.

(PDF) Counter-urbanization: A Chipping Norton Case Study | Sean Watson –

While both core and other LAs lost population through migration exchanges with the rest of the country, the rate of loss was greater for the former, as represented counterubanisation the Inner London Boroughs 1.

Those whose new postcode signifies a move between LA area are deemed to be migrants and are therefore included in this database. The case study approach was pivotal for the acquisition of this information, and because rural studies literature has mostly remained at the macro and theoretical levels, this information provides a contribution to the discipline. UK house prices in June reach new record high [online] Available at: This was observed through interviews performed, as three of the five locals were elderly with an additional townsman having no counterrubanisation at home.

Log In Sign Up. Town expansion occurred mainly outside the town center area by the Chipping Norton Common and the Leys map 3. These efforts helped the town attract the furniture maker, Parker Knoll, whose doors were opened inproviding another significant employer to the town Bland,p.

counterurbanisation case study uk

The Urbanisation of Rural China: This is not an easy question to answer because of the differences between the two data sources described above.