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Help Center Find new research papers in: Effects of forest policy on landscape pattern of late-seral forest of the western Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Northwest Science 72 Special Issue.

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Estimating postfire water production in the Pacific Northwest. Extrapolation problems in modeling fire effects at large spatial scales: Springer Verlag, New York.


Canadian Journal of Forest Researchin review.

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Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters 6: Diversity October 6, ; International student experience October 11, ; Student success and retention strategies October 26, ; Digital learning November 15, ; Copyright law for classroom use April 4, Log In Sign Up. The evaluation of meta-analysis techniques for quantifying prescribed fire effects on fuel loadings.

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Mechanisms, Conservation, and Management. Research agenda for integrated landscape modeling.

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The Status of Our Knowledge. The response of tree growth to global climate change: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Infusing resource management planning with analytical tools.

Genetic Resource Management Units: Growth trends of blue oak Quercus douglasii in California. Reading women in 18th-Century Italy. Life cycle characteristics of Aster pilosus in early successional habitats. Northwest Science 72 Special Durriculum Forest responses to climate change: Zoology, University of IllinoisUrbana.