The excavation confirmed the previous reports of Bonner and Guillermoprieto that hundreds of civilians had been killed on the site. Despite the Army’s success in taking away the water, however, the fish continued to multiply and grow stronger. Of these, were of children under the age of Rather, the goal is to get a full, accurate accounting of decision-making behind the massacre, and for perpetrators to admit their roles and ask forgiveness. Near the village was a small schoolhouse. Salvadoran army and government leaders denied the reports and officials of the Reagan administration called them “gross exaggerations”. A Parable of the Cold War.

Bonner and Guillermoprieto had both been working hard for months to arrange a trip in, lobbying through F. And yet Greentree clearly understood that the reality was more complex. Those twenty-three skulls, and the nearly one hundred more that were uncovered in the succeeding days, were accommodated by the nascent Salvadoran body politic in two ways. Accompanied by a squad of soldiers, McKay, Greentree, and Bleakley set off for the refugee camp outside Gotera. Can you imagine anything more corrosive of the entire military effort? The point [of El Mozote] was to create a turning point, a watershed, to turn the tide, and to do it by scaring the hell out of the enemy.

The strafing ceased not long before the men of the Atlacatl entered the hamlet, dragging with them civilians they had studh hiding along the way. Some cleaned their weapons — mostly old M1s and Mausers, along with a few captured American M16s. Though he was only twenty-eight years old, Greentree had already earned the respect of his Foreign Service colleagues and — what was much rarer in El Salvador — was considered a competent, trustworthy official by many in the press corps.

George Melloan, who had contributed to the editorial, went on the televised McNeil-Lehrer Report to say that “obviously Ray Bonner has a political orientation. Sometime during the incident at La Tejera that Wednesday afternoon, word came over the radio that the First Company of the Atlacatl had engaged the guerrillas.


International Journal of Practical Theology

He became a free lance writer working mainly for The New Yorker. The whole group was still outside the house — the women grabbing one another and hugging one another and trying to resist.

She felt feverish but wrote quickly, finishing a series of articles on life behind studg lines. The others came marching to the house where she was, and pushed through the door into the packed, noisy room.

The Massacre of El Mozote: 36 Years of Struggles for Truth and Justice – Center for Human Rights

Rufina found herself in one of the last groups. For Monterrosa, casse American military advisers had come to realize, was a very different kind of Salvadoran officer. They would attack suddenly, kill a few Guardsmen and capture their weapons, then fade back into the bush. The Atlacatl soldiers marched into the village of El Mozote in the late afternoon of December The Truth Commission stated in its final report:.

I was afraid that I would cry out, that I would scream, that I would go crazy. Secretary Enders told Congress that he would make “a coherent attempt to answer the question that you have raised They saw soldiers pass by, and saw a helicopter hover and descend.

While it was still dark, the soldiers came to Rufina’s door and began pounding on it with the butts of their rifles. On El Chingo and El Pinalito, other soldiers busied themselves making camp.

Why do I say that? Volume 13 Issue 2 Junpp. And the soldiers, still close enough to touch, remained where they were, smoking cigarettes and watching the fire.

Volume 10 Issue 2 Marpp. We reported what we saw, and the main requirement was to distinguish between what you saw and what other people said, and, even more than the standards of journalism, to keep your ‘slant’ out of what you mozoe reporting.

Mark Danner The Truth of El Mozote

Soon, however, they switched to taking the men out in groups of around four each, blindfolded and their hands mozoge behind their backs, marching them out to the forests, ordering them to lie on the ground, and then shooting them in their heads.


Finally, the helicopters would sweep in, and the men of the Atlacatl would storm out, bombard all whom the trap had snared with artillery and mortar fire, and then with small arms.

el mozote case study

Four thousand men, drawn from the security forces — the National Guard and the Treasury Police — and from regular units of the Salvadoran Army, were hard at work. Guillermoprieto, who now writes for the New Yorker, says she tends to write at length and take time before getting to the heart of a story. Everywhere, above the roar of the helicopters, could be heard the thud of mortars and the booming of artillery.

Women and children over there! International Journal of Practical Theology.

el mozote case study

If the soldiers were looking to find guerrillas, that was fine with us, because we didn’t have anything to do with them. Now, I don’t want to hear that, afterward, while you’re out drinking and bullshitting among yourselves, you’re whining and complaining about this, about how terrible it was.

There was “full proof,” the studt said, that units of the U. Sl Guardsmen abandoned some towns completely — in effect, ceding them to the control of the guerrillas. I flashed back so many years earlier, to when I had been in Dl and how patrols were ambushed at night. In the entire summary, only one point is considered solid enough to be dubbed “certain” — that “the guerrilla forces who established defensive positions in El Mozote did nothing to remove [civilians] from the path of battle.