This is why it is so crucial for candidates to clearly understand the eight competencies measured by EPSO and to know the approach each test takes to assess the competency levels of candidates, as well as the difference in how the SJT and E-tray tests are scored. The Silence of Others The sessions have been split into a theory-based webinar, followed by an interactive practical webinar that applies the knowledge acquired from the first session. Modal Choice in a Multimodal Transport System. As mentioned earlier, actions are ranked via a five step scale: EPSO also contributed to the delivery of a so-called certification exercise, where assistant EU officials were tested on their suitability to become administrators.

The New European Parliament: Thank you for contacting us. Combined, these webinars go deep into all aspects of the Pre- Selection tests. We will reply within24 hours or less. About Us Join Us F. Can you perhaps repeat:

Re introduction works also for multiple questions? Coaching We give you a brief introduction to the case study online with many hints and tips and then provide you with a case study.

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Modal Choice in a Multimodal Transport System. We present you online a practical and proven model that can help you as an orientation framework to also act in such a way that you cover all the competencies you have to show.

epso case study webinar

We will evaluate your presentation, your behavior during the discussion and the design and use of the flip chart. We should complete those “lists” after with more text about the subject? Tsudy about what the risks would be and look for what is going to bring out the most from the situation and what could be the best possible result.


In AD5 generalists, are the two competencies weighted more? After that training your are familiar with the applied selection instruments, and you can successfully pass the AC. Innovative patient-centred strategies to improve dementia care and patient autonomy. We cover strategies on how to tackle such question types and offer useful tips to enhance time efficiency.

Stock-taking meeting on ‘Digital Europe for all’. This email address is being protected from spambots. It includes a methodology, a timed test and a detailed correction.

We will give you a brief introduction with lots of hints and tips on the challenges and difficulties with this exam. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

Some open positions in EU

Therefore, preparing for such an exam needs to be twofold: Enabling health equality in Europe — the role of health research. Moreover, the scoring of the two competencies tested for the AD5 case study are also influenced by the other two exams e-tray and oral presentationso even if your case study performance is wpso, you can still improve it even though for most candidates the e-tray exam has already passed.


For each above mentioned point you receive working material. Sometimes samples webbinar about the legislative procedure but do not specify the phase?

epso case study webinar

How do national energy policies fit into EU decarbonisation plans? The EPSO selection process is complex and often confusing. Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU. Priorities of the Finnish Presidency with Ambassador Rislakki.

They are theory focused – we outline basic and advanced test methodologies. Trainings on CBT Coaching.

epso case study webinar

Each question consists of a series of diagrams, series, eso, with an implicit logic and four options. Industry, Enterprise and Single Market. With the SJT accounting for such a significant portion of the pre-selection test results, candidates need to do exceptionally well in this exam to progress to the next level of the competition. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

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Foreign policy, Security and Defence. As mentioned earlier, actions are ranked via a five step scale:. Two, be able to stuyd the right and wrong behaviours for each competency, by understanding the methodology.

Understanding European Parliament History: Each question consists of one paragraph and four options.