They then question whether the impact of the increase in use of Bt cotton on farmers suicide in Madhya Pradesh has been to improve or worsen the situation. This is because the Bt cotton seeds cost nearly twice as much as the ordinary seeds. The film Lagaan describes some of the pressures faced by Indian farmers and members of rural communities, and how the British Raj exacerbated those pressures. A case—control study of psychological distress in survivors of farmers’ suicides in Wardha District in central India. Because of poor returns, increased cultivation cost, imperfect market conditions, unable to repay loans. Archived from the original PDF on 24 March The government has been taking initiatives to support the farmers financially by reducing the interest rates on loans and even waving off agricultural loans.

Quick and innovative solutions can help in this regard. In , the Government of India identified 31 districts in the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala with high relative incidence of farmers suicides. Farmer suicides in the Indian states [92]: Retrieved 21 June Of them, over 69 percent possess or work on marginal landholdings, and The cotton cash crop farmer’s situation is complex and continues to evolve, suggests Stone. All India figures for Farmer suicides from to

essay on farmers suiciding in india

It suiiciding high time the government of India should recognize the sensitivity of the issue and work towards it in a way that this problem comes to an end. Retrieved 21 June Recent study shows that almost a third of suicide survivors family members left behind had suicide ideation in one month prior to assessment. Several farmers in India commit suicide each year.

It needs long term plans and fulfilment of responsibility by everyone. So, hardly any farmer in India would come under the income tax bracket at present standards. Other factors responsible for the increasing number of farmer suicide cases in India include low produce prices, changes in government policies, poor irrigation facilities and alcohol addiction.


One of the main reasons is the erratic weather conditions in the country.

UPSC Notes: Farmer Suicides In India

Here are essays on varying lengths on the sssay phenomena of farmer suicides in India. In this festival, every place A case—control study of psychological distress in survivors of farmers’ suicides in Wardha District in central India.

Various reasons have been offered to explain why farmers commit suicide in India, including: Additionally, among other things, the Government of India announced: A study, did a regional survey on farmers suicide in rural Vidarbha Maharashtra and applied a Smith’s Saliency method to qualitatively rank the expressed causes among farming families who had lost someone to suicide.

Farmer suicide is a grave issue. Ina report published by the International Food Policy Research Institutean agriculture policy think tank based in Washington DC, noted that there was suicidibg absence of data relating to “numbers on the actual share of farmers committing suicide who cultivated cotton, let farmerw Bt cotton.

Ina total ofsuicide cases were reported in the country out of which 14, were farmers. However, most of these initiatives are focused on providing or repaying loans rather than helping the farmers increase productivity and income and have thus yielded the desired results.

Why are farmers still doing suicide? But their life easay in danger, nobody is there to look after them.

essay on farmers suiciding in india

Inthe Government of India identified 31 districts in the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, framers Kerala with high relative incidence of farmers suicides. Changes in the macro-economic policy of Government of India that is known to favour liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation is also said to be a cause of farmer suicides.

And if done so no genuine farmer will be hit by such action and instead many may be checked from avoiding tax payment on unfair income in the name of agricultural income. It is a big issue in India to save the life of farmers so, the major and effective steps can help to stop i suicides of farmers in India. Several factors contribute towards farmer suicides in India and though the government has taken quite a few measures to suicidnig the problem, the initiatives taken do not seem effective enough.


Farmers’ Suicides in India – Reasons and Responses

Decentralization is integrately related with root democracy. Globalization and Health Certain states have also formed groups to help farmers in distress. Censorship Internet Films about social issues Freedom of expression Social esay of Indian soap opera. Where as the fact is that all politicians have kept income tax exemption on paper just to exploit the rural voter and have done very less to increase the real income of rural india.

Most farmer loans were of less than Rs. New Farmers’ Movements in India. Ina review of the evidence regarding the relationship between Bt cotton and farmers’ suicides in India was published in the Journal of Development Studiesalso by researchers from IFPRI, which found that “Available data show no evidence of a ‘resurgence’ of farmer suicides.

Rarmers is a detailed look at the farmer suicide statistical data and the factors that lead to this issue. Suicide is not a matter of economics. Army Day in India 15th January Scientific innovation has touched each field including agriculture.