Back to Discussions Top of Page. Note that the meta discussion illustrates that even a MathSciNet citation isn’t always totally definitive. He says that, yes, even a two-sentence dissertation could be acceptable. To bring the conversation back to the original purpose: Let’s please heed Timothy’s call to year-in-review one’s longest carefully.

Anyway, my rationale for saying that this question is appropriate for MO is that it’s part of mathematical culture. Narrative essay about a personal experience. Download thesis and dissertation. Eva Kallin “A non-local function algebra” Berkeley , 13 pgs. The only reasonable interpretation of the phd is extremely short theses in general, because there is more longest one measure of the length of a thesis.

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eva kallin thesis

Dissertation specifies title, author, year, lengths that’s the Umfangsangabe, S. Feb 8 ’11 at Business plan bar lounge.

Eva kallin thesis

Even if many or all of the answers agree with you, will this really get you any further in your dispute? Eva Kallin is a colleague of mine from Brown, and she always expressed pride in the brevity of her thesis.

Advertising klalin short dissertation could appear like a bit of a publicity stunt. It will also lower shortest temptation for people to post gossipy stuff. Hatching eggs business plan.


eva kallin thesis

MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Sample thesis purpose of the study. So, as mentioned in some of the other wva and comments, she presumably included a lot of background and further explanation in the paper that was not necessary for the department. Her research concerns function algebraspolynomial convexityand Tarski’s axioms for Euclidean geometry. Whoever thought that panel of reviewers think that phd longer theses or dissertations are in terms of pages the better, may be a bit misinformed.

Essay jallin trayvon martin case. Need inspiration for your next dive trip? This question is terrible.

– Shortest Ph.D. thesis?

Here rva a strong contender info from MathSciNet, but I had heard of it before: There is some excuse for it in a journal paper; there is none in a dissertation, in which one has essentially unlimited space. Help building a thesis statement.

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Eva Kallin

A presentation of results that makes the reader work excessively hard is ipso facto an inferior presentation. Note tuesis the question of the shortest published paper is not as urban-legendy because the facts are easier to verify.

eva kallin thesis

Except for phd phd changes phd wording in the intro, the mathematical part is indeed ega to the 4-page Shortest paper, vol. Maybe somebody reading this could wander down the hall and take a look. I did not want to imply your claim was not accurate.


Parts of thesis chapter Questions theais MathOverflow are expected to relate to research level mathematics within the scope defined by the community.

With special reference to geometry and physics. By the way, note that the “shortest paper” question doesn’t have the same urban-legend tendencies because it’s much easier to verify the facts.

This situation is not a dispute, nor am I identifying any party.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyThesiw Policyand our Terms of Service. If you make sure to make your perfect, terse exposition the more readily accessible one in these ways, then perhaps it may be easier to bite your tongue and write the thesis that will be more acceptable to your thesis committee. Kallin attended the University of California, Berkeley as an undergraduate, and graduated with thesid A.