People at lower levels have more responsibility and authority for solving problems, enabling the organization to be more fluid and adaptable to changes. An example would be when other units give poorly-defined problems but expect solution the next day or how problems often crossed organizational lines. The Marketing Mix Revisited: You are commenting using your Google account. Information Technology is being used by successful and leading-edge banks to operate efficiently and respond to customers effectively. The president of a large regional branch was campaigning to decentralize IT to be under each branch authority instead of coursing everything through corporate IT.

Marshall seemed to agree with Ayishia in her request for a formal copy of her authorities and responsibilities, but also pondered the idea that maybe Ayishia had uncovered a major organizational problem throughout the bank. These activities are process-based and needs less supervision and the decision making can be centralized under a vertical structure. The Marketing Mix Revisited: A task force is a temporary team or committee designed to solve a short-term problem involving several departments. Marshall should give Ayishia the authority and responsibility on how she will use her IT people in order to maximize their full potential.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If I am Marshall Pinkard, I take the situation one step at a time.

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Groupings can also be in terms of location or customer group. Work specialization to identify how organizational tasks are divided within a specified degree.

The structure is more horizontal and decision-making authority is decentralized. The president of a large regional branch was campaigning to decentralize IT to be under each branch authority instead of coursing everything through corporate IT. Divisional structure groups employees based on similar organizational output.


fmb&t case study answer

A cross-functional team furthers sgudy coordination because participants from several departments meet regularly to solve ongoing problems of common interest. Ayishia may have asked for a formal copy of her duties and powers because she is new and wants something formal from the President to give her and the other employees throughout the company a feel for what her job exactly is.

She had expressed that employees from several departments had come to her with problems she answe not understand because they were poorly described. This type of organization typically has a rigid, vertical, centralized structure, with most decisions made at the top.

A Matrix boss is accountable for one side of the matrix while a Top leader oversees the entire matrix.

fmb&t case study answer

The distinctive feature of the project manager position is that the person is not a member of one of the departments being coordinated. She had also expressed that these employees that came to her expected immediate results, but when she tried to be an administrator or facilitator, her efforts were not responded to with open arms. The bank sgudy also a service technology that has direct contact with customers in providing its products or services.

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Companies also use project managers to increase coordination among functional departments. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Ayishia reported to Marshall with several frustrations. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Notify me of new comments via email. When there is a project to be launched, the Project Development PD Officer acts as the project manager to coordinate to various department the tasks needed in connection with the project launch.


The way she sees it, the relationship of IT and other units is unclear resulting to confusion, resistance, and inefficiency. As far as organization of the IT Department should go, I think cass President of the large local branch has a point that individual IT departments would save a lot of time and unnecessary work from corporate.

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However, new approaches such as Team approach and Virtual Network approach studg also becoming a trend. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. The average span of control can either be a tall structure narrow span; more studj levels or flat structure wider span; less hierarchical levels. Skip to content I. Functional structure groups employees according to functions, skills, or consumption of resources.

The advantages of this option is as follows: Marshall Pinkard needs to handle this delicate situation carefully, since he has limited information.

fmb&t case study answer

The organization is highly specialized and characterized by rules, procedures, and a clear hierarchy of authority. Task force members represent their departments and share information that enables coordination. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Daft, Management 10 th Edition Cengage Learning This group is high on coordination among different departments which is doable on a horizontal structure.