But not too much cos bad for health use the health promotion board table Savoury: You can buy chicken fillet from NTUC, slice the chicken, coat with flour and egg then fry it. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Demonstrate many cooking methods? Pine apple fried rice uses the cooking method of stirfry Sometimes i also see dish like steamed sweet and sour fish. Sets clear priorities for the task question.

Varied and interesting results – What are the outcomes when u used the above result? Using different cooking methods dry heat baking, grilling moist heat steaming, boiling, stewing hot fat stir-frying, shallow-frying microwave cooking 2. Majority of the key factors are highlighted in red. Means you need to let them know u what they want. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Why Asking ‘why’ seeks cause-and-effect. Maybe you can take some buffet menu and include in your research, from there choose what u want to cook.

Means what ever you researched, u must have a way to link it back to the question. Buffet always got dessert.

f&n o level coursework sample

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Rice for Asians, bread for Westerners. Cos adding pineapple will make it more colourfulsweetpineapple is also nutritious your research can add in what nutrients pineapple have. Dicing, artistic carvings, slanted slicings etc etc VAriety – What is the defiinition of variety? What is boiling, how is boiling done, what result will it yield. Or only one serving?


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Maybe you can make your own fruit punch, or orange juice. When is your coursework due? Meaning only one coursework? Table setting Ways to make dishes appealing 1. Sour helps to make it more appetisingthus making it more savoury. What Answers to ‘What? Notify me of new comments via email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Set them in your phone. Then say the texture of the carbonated drink helps to appeal to teenage people. Maybe you can post it here? You also need to identify the possible experiments you could conduct and the possible records you could make for each experiment. Interesting and appealing in terms of texture, flavour, smell or appearance Ways to make dishes interesting 1.

Copy of Food & Nutrition Coursework Briefing v.2 by Nadia Abdul Malik on Prezi

Finally I will create a list of all the tasks that I need to complete for my coursework and set deadlines so that I can monitor my progress. Email required Address never made public. You can make it more interesting by buying a sparkling grape juice, then adding it into your apple juice or orange juice. Ideas and concepts are organized in a systematic manner 3. You might also find out how many branches of each fast coursewprk restaurants there are.


Double boiling, boiling, stirfry, microwave, baking, stew, dip in egg then fry, steam already then fry, etc etc.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework =f&n Dept= O Level [6087]

For each related question that you come up with, you should elaborate by briefly: Investigate effect of heat on cereals: Last time we have Part A and B. A2 Unit 4A Geography fieldwork investigation Candidates taking Levl 4A have, in section A, the opportunity to extend an area of the subject content into.

This will focus me on the important aspects of my task. You are commenting using your WordPress. They also give you answers to thinks legel are or will be. But not too much cos bad for health use the health promotion board table Savoury: Our group has came up with a coursework question accompanied with suggested solution for the task analysis.

f&n o level coursework sample