A travelling entertainment centre reads: It is especially important to have your senses on alert if you are driving in Gaborone and its suburbs. There should be ten portfolios in each sample, covering the range from the highest to the lowest mark. This is especially important if there is more than one teaching set and there are perhaps several different teachers. If you have doubts about the authenticity of an assignment, it should not be submitted, even if this means an incomplete folder must be submitted. Confident and stylistic completion of challenging tasks throughout the Portfolio. It is unadventurous as far as expression is concerned, but the work is competent.

Their ideas are relevant to the topic but make only occasional references to individual ideas or details in the original text s. This assignment can be anything that is non-narrative. Setting tasks Potential disadvantages: Candidates give evidence of understanding the need to write appropriately to audience and context even if there is not complete consistency in the three assignments. Skills required to write fiction Structural providing characters and details that later become significant; flashbacks; time lapses; different types of beginning and end. Teaching the tango in school An account of a horse rehabilitation Centre The Christchurch earthquake Subway construction in Cordoba Dolls as stereotypes Football and technology Against intimate relationships in school Reality is not what you see on television Banning the internet Should Shakespeare be taught in schools?

Having kids and adults running about, rushing past as if it was the end of the world.

igcse english 0522 coursework mark scheme

Can you buy into the idea of your child being banged on schrme head and knocked out and potentially getting brain damaged for millions of pounds a year? However, angry students should avoid personal attacks on writers and confine themselves to the opinions and ideas that have been read.


After reading this poem I feel more responsible towards old people. He shows clearly how situations and experiences are conveyed by language.

igcse english 0522 coursework mark scheme

However, this example deals with somewhat more challenging content. Metamorphoses From old dating tricks to a new and better way of handling dates. Sentences within paragraphs are mostly well sequenced, although some paragraphs may finish less effectively than they begin.

igcse english 0522 coursework mark scheme

What other resources are available for teachers? Their own ideas are based on those of the original text s.

If they are handwritten it is better not to write in columns; if word-processed, two columns are preferable. All of a sudden, the train speeded down: There are no errors and the structure and sequence of the writing are kept under excellent control. I know… lots of this are overused, and every single Greenpeace member is always speaking about them, so you are probably tired of hearing about the whales dying because of oil spills.

I was also uncertain maro whether I should cry or be brave because Zcheme had calculated how I was going to handle the situation. Write a letter in reply to her views.

Coursework Training Handbook 0500, 0522 and 0524 Cambridge IGCSE

An example of this is how harshly exaggerated the anger of people on the roads has been said. Just suppose that his friend had not rescued him!

Examples of assignments which could be written for an audience of peers or younger students are: The train is going up slowly and slowly; the same pace of a snail. You could include a first piece in which a candidate analyses the effects of a particular incident from their autobiography and a second in which an autobiographical incident is narrated; but the difference between the two should be immediately apparent. A little lapse in concentration or a small swerve outside your lane will result in a horrific accident.


The lack of error and the consistency of the delivery of the argument are what suggest a high mark, on the border of Mark Bands 1 and 2. Paragraphing is a strength, and candidates are confident in experimenting where appropriate in the structure of expressive writing. To make a memorable first impression, you need to turn from your cocooned and constricted ideas and metamorphosis them into a morning star.

Many schools confine themselves to the three required assignments.

Coursework Training Handbook , and Cambridge IGCSE

I had to walk home soaking wet and shivering from the cold! Instead you will find the reward of a second date and this time the bill on him. Igcsf this response there was very little engagement with the text. Not all assignments demand the same level of content.

We also provide Professional Development qualifications for teachers. Such pieces may not even look like English language tasks, but more like geography or history.

The best advice is to ensure that the genres and styles of writing are as different as possible. The scent of the blooming flowers tickled the inside of my nose, sending an electrical current of thrill all around my body. Lights are beaming in every little dark corner; lighting everyone up like fire rushing to burn down a building. I am almost definitely sure there would be more crime taking place.

Are you totally nuts?