Live in Front of a Studio Audience: The guys play a couple rounds of “do and say whatever you’re told” while posing as nurses at a hospital and then doing some grocery shopping with their fake wives. Retrieved May 4, Everyone’s always dreamed of opening for an awesome rock band in front of a crowd of thousands, but Sal and Joe probably would have preferred to learn instruments first Dressed as a sheriff, Q has to “arrest” outlaws in a Western setting.

Retrieved April 1, But it goes downhill as groups of people in various group costumes interrupt his “punishment”, ending with a group who puts Murr in shackles. In the second episode shown to a live audience, the Jokers review clips of four Joker vs. Retrieved September 14, Afterwards, he must finish figuring out how to escape while wearing soiled pants. Retrieved February 19, The guys compete head-to-head selling their toys to focus groups, team up attaching clothespins to unsuspecting shoppers, and play a game of touching laser pointer dots.

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Retrieved April 6, The guys team up to work at a rink rental counter, tell strangers to mind their manners at the mall, and convince strangers to leave a cafe. The Jokers pose as furniture salesmen, pretend to be very unwelcoming members of a boardwalk welcoming committee, pitch some wacky memoirs to potential readers, and sell jewelry to couples.

Q has to do whatever the other guys tell him to do while dressed up as “Smush” the clown at a children’s birthday party. Sal starts off giving a boat tour of New York City while reading from cards written by the other guys.

impractical jokers wedding speech punishment

Archived from the original on September 9, The guys serve up pints of awkwardness at a pub, try to sell ridiculous theatre tickets in the West End, team up to work at a fish and chips shop, and use their infamous bullhorns that are controlled by the other guys.


TruTV 16 of He was brought down to rest for a minute before being hoisted again and sent flying into a giant “cake”. The guys get tutored on how to use PowerPoint at a library, and play a four-way game of hot potato with stranger’s shoes. I liked when he had to be a judge for the kids talent show and basically had to tell each kid they sucked lol. The guys team up to bark up the wrong tree at a pet store, team up to play a game of catch with groceries in the market, and go head-to-head trying to get strangers’ signatures for ridiculous causes.

Who’s that in the pinata?

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Retrieved March 28, Q presents some clips from a short film directed by the other Jokers to an audience of movie buffs. Although all four Jokers have to walk a tight-rope five stories above NYC, Joe is the loser of the pre-taped challenges. The guys pucker up at the food court trying to find a selected stranger to kiss, and show focus group attendees their latest life stories, published as movies.

Upon finding Sal in the punoshment, the woman driving starts screaming and hitting Sal with groceries.

The guys lend an unhelpful hand as high-tech store employees, and search for bizarre perps on the loose in the mall. The guys showcase their inventions to a focus group, and get off on the wrong foot at a shoe store.

impractical jokers wedding speech punishment

Joe pretends to be a gymnast in a roomful of actual gymnasts and must, among other things, perform his “routine” in front of everyone. The pujishment suit slowed him down to the jokerrs where he lost his momentum, thus causing Sal to win the race. At a children’s museum, Q is told to take a bucket supposedly containing turtle eggs and break them all over himself in an attempt to break a world record.


16 Of The Impractical Jokers’ Craziest Punishments

He must complete a set of riddles to wexding. In this special episode, the guys look back at the series’ best punishments, share new secrets and show never before seen footage.

While visiting the Lone Star State, the Jokers team up to teach classes at a dude ranch, sell cowboy boots, and wear blacked-out sunglasses. The guys take name calling to new heights as receptionists and try to get donations for bogus charities at a pizza shop.


The guys get punchy while giving boxing lessons, and head to the mall where they share the gift of music with strangers. The chest hair had nothing to do with the actual punishment.

Retrieved December 7, The guys go head-to-head hitting the ice rink to play a slippery balloon game and try to get support for ridiculous causes mipractical the park. Doug chooses Joe, while Enes chooses Q.

Q has to teach sex education to his parents, under the original impression that he would be teaching a room of 6th grade students. The guys try to work as optometrists, team up to provide incorrect financial advice, and attempt to secure numerous votes by campaigning on ridiculous political platforms. Retrieved August 24, Sal must ride around town in a car’s trunk.

Retrieved October 6,