Visual Basic support many useful tools that will help the user to be more productive. Ferrer Under the Korean Red Ginseng Enterprise Sales and Inventory System, the researchers came up with a computerized sales and inventory system. We are dedicated towards manufacturing customized user friendly phones. This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, update the inventory based on the sale details, produce receipts for sales, generate sales and inventory reports periodically, etc. It is now used by people for much simpler, easier and faster way to do things. This proposed system aims to lighten works and solve the problems involving strict and complex recording and calculations.

Perfect for businesses with franchise operations, this user-friendly inventory management system can be customized for any multi-site company, commissary, or warehouse backend ordering operation. This study shows that inventory systems in Thailand are affected by the type of production, location of the multinationals’ headquarters, demands, supply base, and the extent to which materials were either exported or imported. Retail stores have carried this system quite far, each item has a magnetic codes, and as on item is checked out, it passes over an electronic reader, which then adjusts the computers inventory balance, at the same time the price is fed to cash register tape. The amount of time that can be saved by a business is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of using a computerized inventory system. Given that reagents are approximately one-half of most labs’ operating budgets, a continued focus on this expense will assist the laboratory in continuing to provide accurate and timely laboratory testing at the lowest cost. The sales inventory system would provide service to the user, input information to the database, summarize the inquiry of bills, and manage the product releases and storage. Method of call backs set up with the customer 8.

Chapter 2 – Sales Monitoring System

A good example is a global company with customers all over the world. Based on our earlier research and a diary study of payments with an online payment system and with online banking systems of a reputable bank, we proposed a set of 12 interaction design guidelines. The result may help others theiss understand more about computer-generated data processing, especially on how to deal with computers in terms of speed, accuracy and data security.


If the performance levels do not meet the basic standards set systsm the company, or if their performance falls more than thhesis percent from last year’s numbers then it is time to move into a corrective step of action.

Based on the data gathered, the researchers find out that San Miguel Corporation Tubigun Sales Office will be benefited if their sales and inventory system will be automated. The ability to ensure that the right reagent in the right quantity is present at the right time is critical to laboratory operations.

Monitoring the transactions and other sustem information regarding the customer is the main concern of this study. According to Balbiran, Geronimo, Porters, and Ruiz who develop an automated sales and inventory system for San Miguel Corporation Tubigon office that designing a system for involve careful planning and htesis system analyst must consider some factors in order to have an application program that is compact, efficient and could handle day-to-day transaction.

In addition, uniformity creates a professional appearance, which can go a long way to impress associates, such as potential investors. Based on BrigmanFundamentals of Financial Management, 5 th ed.

inventory system thesis rrl

And in the ground floor they have Louis and Nathalie Computer Shop. In connection with the proposed system, the proponent proposed a new and faster way of processing business transactions.

It is used to track all the transactions made by the business and responsible for monitoring the items supplies. Our value added features ensure the personality of ihventory phone matches the taste of the user. An interview to the owner and other personnel and observation of the flow of the present sales and inventory system were conducted to gather information and system requirements.

Chapter 2 – Sales Monitoring System

The office inventory is managed by the one who is in charge of the office. Probable causes are computer illiterate staff and lack of funds. The ability to analyze the inventory, item usage, purchasing history, and other areas e. Function A sales and inventory monitoring system collects data to aid in production scheduling. Technology has never stopped from advancing through the years.


inventory system thesis rrl

It is a family owned business by Mrs. Some inventory systems however, can be affected by variations in local conditions such as infrastructure, customs, duties, and regulations. Planning in its final form should be in writing with the steps needed to reach the final destination.

One key operational area of interest is the management of inventories. With computers, it can help you simplify the process of storing and managing the files you need for future use and make finding files easier than the manual process. Some intangible factors that can be difficult to quantify are the salesperson’s ability to build relationships and “connect” with customers, and whether or not there is a clear purpose of the call or meeting.

It will monitor the availability of product items for reorder to prevent under stocking, overstocking or running out of stocks, the system will also generate necessary reports of inventory such as sales syystem. The system also helped the user to know the availability of the products.

inventory system thesis rrl

Customers and their needs are different, business conditions vary, individual customer bases differ and the product mix offered to each customer can vary. Make mentoring time available with best salesperson and the salesperson that needs help and have them observe tbesis listen to their instructor. The basic advantages of the proposed system are to make the process fast and well-organized which means that they can process much more quickly than humans.

The only thing a manager would have to do each day is print out the report highlighting the inventory to be restocked. The Proponents acquires knowledge about the file processing and report generations through this study. A Computerized system is the best solution and most innovative answer for their needs.

It also provides the ability to browse purchase orders, list currently outstanding purchase orders, and generate reports based on purchase orders.