It is quite likely that most if not all of those papers will have to be retracted. There is a crisis of honesty and corruption of science funding with millions of dollars going to waste. As shadow minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research you may have some knowledge of this story. The Pollies trapped themselves with their Gullibility. The money involved is too large. Make sure your autoclave drone is on their game and add a prayer.

No one treats their expensive multimillion dollar diamonds in a cavalier fashion. The Reef is under a dire threat but JCU is in no rush to get the science right. The farmer has fresh fertile alluvial soil. To closing down the other views. So far 17 green thumbs. My emails are no longer acknowledged, previously automatically when received.

The climatism polemic is a well funded Trojan horse as we all know and will NOT be jeopardised. I put in a request to him and he and his office could not have been more helpful.

Thirty Years in the Making Edition 1. Those papers have been cited some times. Due to climate change-related food shortages alone, the world could see a net increase ofadult deaths bythe report said.

jcu big fake essay

Courtyard has 4X30cm drainage pipes, it took 20 mins for them to remove the water!!!! You have to be ruthless: Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Ovalau are all of volcanic origin, with quite high mountains.

Brookings Institution has done the numbers as this blog reported…and Australia is…as expected… the roadkill for the hoax…along with OPEC and Russia…losing wealth and jobs…and our security for sure. This makes no sense whatsoever.


Fake science on fake fish from James Cook Uni?

Get Grants at any cost, just get money. Why was professor Peter Ridd sacked for making legitimate comments and asking reasonable and necessary questions.? James Cook has done what any ambitious, money-hungry grant troughing institute would do, a very slow investigation of allegedly corrupt behaviour and a very quick sacking of the honest researcher who threatens to expose bib.

Wind speed, barometric pressure, rain fall the whole works!!!

There is no room to become emotionally attached to your subject. So you start to peel back the layers and you find the whole argument for anthropogenic global warming is laden with deception. Wrong Sir, it is both. The JCU researcher is one of the more intelligent ones: Look at how that uni responded: Some scientists now say family planning might help in providing some relief on both issues…. The thing that happened there was that after the publication, there was a request for the data.

I intentionally worded it in meaningless way so the wise would understand.

jcu big fake essay

Welcome to a world of reusable rake and plastic gloves. January 18, at 3: Theres so much fake research, fake publications, fake theories its well past out of control, or.


Fake science on fake fish from James Cook Uni? « JoNova

Think it has been debunked? This blog is funded by donations. That paper was published in one of the two highest profile science journals there is — called Science.

In the Midwest, Des Moines, Chicago and Omaha will begin to see heavy snowfall Friday evening and into Bgi, according to forecasters, who also warned of potential blizzard conditions for parts of Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. You mean like electricty generation? As shadow minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research you may have some knowledge of this story.

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Or are there children reading today? He fully intends to orchestrate a win for the Coalition with a handpicked team. I am happy to leave it stronger than ever. That was very disappointing to me and I hope that he is successful in his case against the university. In recent years my research focus has been on the effects of environmental change on health and the impact of policies to adapt to or mitigate these changes.