Scholarships for current women college students who write or make a short video profiling an influential or inspirational woman in their community. Before the convention The adviser to entrants must be a current JEA member and a convention attendee. In addition to the scholarship award amount, winners will receive training in running an internet business. Camera with SD card or another size card with a card reader. Currently it has three students and hopefully more will join in the years to come.

Scholarships for student artists in film, design, music, dance, photography, visual arts, theater, and writing. October 20, at 1: Kazickas ambition to preserve Lithuanian values through the generations. Makes a point visually using an appropriate format. Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship.

Program places minority students interested in journalism as a career and who want to learn about science writing at Contrst Magazine for 10 weeks over the summer.

Healthcare Essay Contest

Students enter as individuals or in pairs reporter and camera operator. Letter writing committee selected the winning letters according to contest criteria. Due to the nature of this contest, students are not required to stay within the convention hotel; however, students still need to adhere to policies and directives from their advisers or chaperones regarding leaving the property. No outside help is permissible. No editing of the image will be allowed, so capture a proper exposure and the crop you need when you take the picture.

Both news layout contests are for individuals only.

kff essay contest

All work on the entry must be done by the student. The Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-profit, private operating foundation dedicated to providing information and analysis on health care issues to policymakers, the media, the health care community and the general public. Imaginative subject matter; technical quality and excellence; photo composition; visual impact; simplicity; cropping; lighting.


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Video Package Editing enter as individual only Scholarships focused on academic strength, demonstrated community leadership, and financial need. This cannot be a contest someone else from the school is already entered. Scholarships awarded to students pursuing a career in any aspect of the television industry, who have made a positive impact through community service.

Diversity Scholarships support and encourage students from a wide range kgf institutions and under-represented populations on an IES Abroad study abroad program. Preference given to students with community leadership experience. You are to exhibit your understanding of poetry, its rssay, punctuation and potential to create a setting, convey a tone, connect to feelings and to delve beyond the surface.

RISE fellows work directly with doctoral students in research groups at top German universities and institutions and can expect to gain serious hands-on research experience.

It doesn’t matter how far from Lithuania I live, more importantly, I understand Lithuanian. Imaginative subject matter, technical quality and excellence; photo composition; visual impact; story told in each photograph; simplicity; cropping; lighting.

kff essay contest

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes. November 21, at Advancement of Women in Sports and Entertainment Scholarship.

kff essay contest

This is a contest for expert high school photographers. You are responsible for attending a two-hour group critique session. Mazvydas Library – A. Scholarships and grants for undergraduate and graduate students interested writing about or researching topics related to Jewish history, the Jewish experience, etc.


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Entries are limited to one contestant per category per school. Pictorial images — images that show graphic and aesthetic qualities of a person or group with strong emphasis on composition — may also be entered here.

There has been extensive debate over the law and Americans remain divided about what lawmakers should do going forward. We hope you will keep creating the magic with the handwritten letters. Policies Instructions and Forms Start with Registration.

Two scholarships to graduating seniors must be continuing directly to graduate school and graduate students Masters or Ph. You may not make up or use additional facts or quotes from sources other than those provided to you. Clean layout and design relating to selected copy; impact, action or emotion in design; instructions adhered to; positioning of copy, title, art, photos and captions in relation to each other; use of current graphic trends.

Contest also aimed to inspire the audience to follow the example of dr. Online News Package is also exempt.