At the same time, they could develop individual portfolios of professional activities that would contextualize industry interactions. As he listened to his data scientist describe their latest progress, he wondered whether they should also be prioritizing applications for physician engagement as part of these three options. Her father was a physicist and materials science engineer who spent several years leading research and development for a large Korean electronics conglomerate, before taking an entrepreneurial dive into a new venture towards the end of his career. At the same time, Gardner loved the learning curve inherent in medical education and wanted to absorb as much as he could before leaving the clinical setting. How should Agag go about developing this new series? GH was looking for someone with a background in genomics and clinical applications of genetic testing to help payors set reimbursement policies for genetic tests.

When she was admitted to MIT, she enrolled as a Biology major. See exhibit 1 for management biographies. In the summer after her junior year, she interned at Endeca Technologies, a venture-backed software company specializing in datadriven search and business intelligence for enterprises. It was in negotiations to sell the next version of the product to three other major hospitals. Julie Yoo Yoo was born to academic parents who began their careers as professors.

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And yet, at the intersections of these data were critical insights that organizations could use to steer and optimize their operations. This publication may not be digitized, photocopied, fase otherwise reproduced, posted, kryuus transmitted, without the permission of Harvard Business School.

Higgins and James Barnett Citation: In the summer after her junior year, she interned at Endeca Technologies, a venture-backed software company specializing in datadriven search and business intelligence for enterprises. These markets each offer opportunity, but the company must make some decisions.


One of my favorite definitions of Big Data is when data itself becomes part of the problem you are trying to solve.

First, Shudy became comfortable not knowing everything and even now, as a CEO, I am very open with my team and my Directors about what I do well and where I need support.

Kyruus: Big Data’s Search for the Killer App

Early conversations with stdy CEOs and CFOs suggested that optimizing patient referrals was a top priority for hospitals. We saw an opportunity to change that. However, the conversations during dinner with his father about the impact of myruus pharmaceutical industry also implanted the realization that healthcare was broader than just practicing medicine and that physicians could make a difference in many ways.

Electric car racing ; Entrepreneurship ; Global Range ; Strategy. Higgins is the chairman of the board of directors of Kyruus.

In cse, the iPad application platform for referral management had first been developed for a medical device sales force. In earlyGraham returned to Highland Capital to resume his role as a venture capitalist. As it turned out, there was a big demand and high willingness-to-pay for information about physicians.

kyruus case study

The hospital compliance officers were now facing questions from journalists who were collecting information from pharmaceutical companies and publishing sgudy about physicians who were making large sums of money from life science companies. Technology and Operations Management. As his learning curve in medicine began to slow down, Gardner also realized that the best place to pursue his passions may lie at the intersection of business and medicine.

Healthcare was the one field where enterprise IT solutions that had demonstrated success in other verticals were not being readily adopted or successfully deployed. This option allowed the team to focus on a small client base of academic medical centers while perfecting the market positioning and stdy features for this audience.

Before developing any product, however, they tried to understand the market for physician information. People were willing to tell us what they wanted and they were willing to pay a lot for it.


We have made tremendous progress and a lot of people are interested in investing in our growth — why not put the foot on the casf and build our team to meet the demand for our products? Kyruus had already developed kyguus few products that were well received by industry sales forces, and many on the Kyruys team saw this channel as a potentially very profitable market.

It provided data and analytics about physicians to multiple customers e. She missed the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of a small organization, and was eager to explore new opportunities in the burgeoning Health IT and Analytics space.

During that time, he reconnected with Julie Yoo, a TA of one of his classes during business school. Facebook had 30 billion new items of content on its website every month. Higgins and John Masko.

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We agreed that most healthcare IT companies were simply laying the plumbing for data collection, and that there was a relative vacuum in the analytics space. You have all the tools to create the next great company. At the conference, Gardner and Yoo realized how central physician interactions were to the entire healthcare ecosystem. Finally, the company could put more weight behind selling to the life sciences industry e.

kyruus case study

While many of these institutions had robust conflict of interest policies, most of them relied upon physicians to disclose industry relationships.