To create a positive brand image and high brand awareness new products must have a strong concept, high market potential and great positioning with consumers. January 12, www. According to the sample test, the buying intentions increased once the market price had revealed. On a scale of 1 to 7, panelists gave Synergie marks of 4 and 5 on the question of buying intent. Decision Criteria The following decision criteria were chosen to evaluate the marketing strategy alternatives listed above. The product range can be sold at the different locations, such as drugs store and supermarket.

Furthermore this would introduce not only one but two brand names into the market simultaneously in France but since the L’Oreal brand was already present in the Dutch market concern was expressed that the Dutch market would be burdened by introduction of yet two more brands into the market. A weight has been assigned to each criterion depicting the analytical importance to L’Oreal Netherlands. Also at the same time introduce not just one, but two brand name product lines. Obviously this is not going to be an easy decision for management to accept, but based on what we know about the Dutch market and the importance of introducing the Garnier name with a successful product line launch, we believe that the target market and product positioning needs to be more clearly understood. However, the products had not been modified for the Dutch test. This can be enhanced by advertising with clear statement; and prove to the customers the specifics benefits that they could get by purchasing the products.

Due to the market researches of the two product lines, they all get recommended to promote two lines at once. Retrieved May 22,from https: Email Us Listen to our radio ad! No competitors currently have a clear positioning statement; therefore Belle Couleur has a great opportunity to clearly position their brand.


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Introducing a new product line successfully into the Dutch market is vital for Garnier because it can determine the success of the brand as it expands into new markets. For example, those Dutch customers tended to like lighter hair colour, when the French customers prefer the darker shades.

The null option doing nothing would not be advisable for two reasons: According to the sample test, the buying intentions increased once the market price had revealed. Identification of Alternative Solutions Introduce the Synergie line of skin care products Synergie was a new line of natural-ingredient facial skin care products including moisturizing cream, anti-aging day cream, anti-wrinkle cream, cleansing milk, mask, and cleansing gel.

Consumer acceptance, closely followed by manufacturer advertising, is highest priority for retailers. Sthdy A Custom Written Essay.

loreal nederland bv case study

The brands needed to be presold since, unlike independent drugstores, there was no sale assistance. A limited time offer!

Case Study L’Oreal

Madame van der Zande should direct Mike Rourke to prepare a promotional program emphasizing the Garnier by L’Oreal name and the natural ingredients lorael with the technical advantages of the Synergie product: Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? Problems of entering Nederland Market: The skin care market was the second largest sector of the Dutch cosmetics and toiletries market.

Stopping it is totally outrages. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. According to the introduction, the product has not been selling well in the Australian market, which was surprising when compared to the American and European markets. Introduce Synergie and Belle Couleur in one campaign By introducing both products together, the advertising of the Garnier name would get leveraged as the consumers would see and nwderland the Garnier name twice, giving the impression of a major supplier.


The product range can be sold at the different locations, such as drugs store and supermarket. Any innovative product could be quickly copied by retailers or other manufacturers.

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loreal nederland bv case study

Some negative evaluation of Belle Corleur was due to the fact that Dutch woman tended towards naturally lighter hair colour, and the French towards darker shades.

Dutch consumers might see the major suppliers of cosmetics and toiletries.

Case Analysis: L’Oreal Nederland B.V.

The high end of the cosmetics market was dominated by Shiseido and Estee Lauder. After the customers get their facial done, they might decide to purchase the facial products, after they have been advised and advertised by the clinic advisor. Dutch woman shopped for values of products.

However, the main issue L’Oreal faced with its new segmented marketing strategy was the ability to maintain such a fragmented. However, the fastest-growing population segments were the 25 or older groups. Click here and use discount code Save Analysis The following analysis was performed using the decision criteria listed above and assigning a score to each of the alternatives. While the Garnier brand name is familiar to the French, Dutch consumers have little to no awareness of the brand.

loreal nederland bv case study