Legal notices Media centre Become a partner Hot topics Site map. I used Verridian analysis for R06 a couple of years back and was very impressed, has anyone used it for AF5? I was new to financial services when I began reading the text book, and treated the exam as a big quiz. R06 Expected Solution now available for the July exam 2. Discounts and free online learning skills course more Expected solutions for R06 and AF5 more

I managed to pass the exam with just reading the book, no revision aids or extra study. New online Multimedia Course for J11 Wrap and platform services 2. However being only a few months into my new role in a financial planning firm, my employer felt it would best to continue getting settled into the business and pick up more real-world financial planning knowledge that would help achieve a more convincing R06 pass in the next sitting. I’m planning on taking AF7 and probably AF8 but then I will only need 30 more advanced diploma credits plus a fair few more other credits! An understanding of how trusts are treated is another hot topic that came up time and again. I am also on the investment committee which meets quarterly and as a paraplanner I play a role in the research process, determining which funds meet our criteria to be considered in our model portfolios. R05 — Protection I felt I was on the final straight.

R05 — Protection I felt I was on the final straight.

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But I was still r6 on getting my diploma. I was worried about leaving it too long and forgetting all the facts I had built up in my short-term memory. Customer survey results 3. Talks are still ongoing, but as part of the process I have put together d06 list of reasons why I would make a great xase for a financial planning firm.


In my role at Pen-Life I perform tax calculations and assess where requested withdrawals should come from taking into account tax and other financial planning decisions. In fact, a reader of this site managed to do the full diploma in 6 months.

Accredited CPD system – maintain your diploma knowledge 3. The expected solutions for the AF5 and R06 April exams are now available 2. Expected solution packages for R06 and AF5 – start preparing now 3.

This module is to develop knowledge and understanding of investment products and the application of the investment advice process.

Candidates get the case studies two weeks before the exam so you can prepare. R05 — Protection I felt I was on the final straight. Mar 18, This update covers: What makes it easier is there are no multi-response questions, unlike modules Sfudy, which each have a difficult set of multi-response questions towards the end.

As with all the exams, revision should still be treated seriously.

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Also does anyone know anywhere that past papers before are available? My plan was to get the exams done within a year. As I was self-employed at the time, my studying impacted on the amount of time I could commit to earning money, and the exams and learning resources were also expensive.

Top 5 reasons for using our accredited CPD system more Video Cas the Radio Star 2.


I found some information here and there, mostly on internet forums but as an outsider to financial services it was very confusing. I was more nervous about my writing hand giving out than the actual exam content!

r06 case study april 2014

Want to connect with us? Learning Outcomes There are 4 learning outcomes for the module: I was writing from the very first moment to the last cxse. The October sample looks like it might be produced in conjunction with Brand FT but I’m not sure if that is standard.

I still managed to pass this exam on my first attempt by learning the formulae and, as in R01, learning the facts by rote. New mobile friendly website 2. Be Motivated to Study presentation 2.

CII pass rates 4. New study video – scheduling made easy 2. The financial and technical monthly update covering areas of stufy to financial advisers over January is now available. It was around the time of sitting R04 that I finally found a financial planning business to join, to learn the practical side of financial planning.

r06 case study april 2014

My journey took a little longer, passing R01 in summerand sitting and passing the final exam R06 in Apriljust a couple of months shy of the 2 year mark. Yes, I would recommend paraplanning to others but newcomers should know: