Primary data were collected from selected samples through face to face interviews, and informal discussion with eminent social work educator, students and practitioners. Nevertheless, indigenization poses both positive and negative implications, therefore, calling for careful investigation from social work educators and professionals Huang and Zhang, Generally, the major handicap in fieldwork education in Indonesia is the lack of trained social workers to take up the supervisory role in the field placements. It was a local market Read more. The social work education program is challenged in teaching cultural sensitivity to social work students. Abu Samajik Gobeshana Porichiti Dhaka:

Yet, by looking at some cases, the authors hope to raise some awareness in terms of challenges that await when providing a culturally-relevant practice of social work in Malaysia. With regard to higher education it varies one country to another and developed world to under-developed one, in particular. Concluding Remarks The social work education is being offered in Bangladesh by replicating Western as well as American for more than half a century. Nevertheless, indigenization poses both positive and negative implications, therefore, calling for careful investigation from social work educators and professionals Huang and Zhang, FGDs were organized with faculty members of Dhaka University and Jagannath University that help the researchers to have narrative and in-depth information.

Adi Fahrudin describes the Indonesian curriculum as a blended one that adopts both American and local models, the latter of which being influenced by the Dutch educational model p.

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Abu Samajik Gobeshana Porichiti Dhaka: International Social Work, 55 1: Muhammadiyah and Family for Every Child have run a pilot of social work assessment tool, access from www. They demanded more steps readymare be undertaken to indigenize social work education in Bangladesh so that the knowledge gained from social work education can be fruitfully applied in the context of Bangladesh.

In addition, primary data were collected through focus group discussions FGDs to supplement the interview data.

Lack of understanding about vision and mission of professional discipline and field practicum is readymxde existed in Bangladesh as most of the agency supervisors are not social worker graduates.


But the partition of India caused massive disaster for those Muslims who lived In India, and for those Hindus who lived in Pakistan.

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Leadership Essay, do you plan to write about leadership? For example, due to financial ability and technological advancement, the classrooms in developed counties are well equipped with LCD Projector, webcam system, white board etc.

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However, other college with professional education in social work has systematic system of fieldwork. Competence Social workers practice within the area of their competence and strive to develop their professional expertise.


If you are wondering how to write an essay with a good introduction, remember that the words and phrases that you use need to be eye-catching and informative at the same time. Indigenization of social work in Asia The international joint research conducted in revealed the following challenges facing the internationalization of social work education in Asia: Although people with social work backgrounds are hired as soon as they are being graduated in Social Work in USA, social work graduates of many countries of the Asia-Pacific region including Bangladesh hardly find any opportunity to be employed in a job wherein their professional knowledge and skills can be practiced.

Social welfare programs must be based on the cultural values in the local community, especially gotong royong, which is an important source of social capital in the development of social welfare. Gray argued that indigenization brought out different voices and ways of knowing within particular socio- historical and cultural locations and established a local basis for localized social work practice.

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The students get the opportunity during their field practice to examine as to how much the knowledge of social work is applicable in a local context; can also identify the gaps between theory and its application. A robust national level of organization that bonds schools, educators, and practitioners Pathare, p.

Most of the students enjoyed theoretical knowledge of social work in the classroom, but had lots of difficulties while they tried to apply that knowledge at field level during their internship. However, there are some skilled and efficient faculty members in social work schools in Bangladesh.


General development thedis indigenous social work education, further work remains. Pondok Inabah is part of the Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya that serves as a rehabilitation center for drugs users.

Micro credit may therefore be described as a particular program where social work can be practiced in an indigenized manner. Majority of them heavily favored the process of indigenization of social work education to ensure effective application of social work knowledge and skills. Watts et al Eds. Creating enough quality, original content to satisfy and engage an audience. This suggestion seems to be helpful if accepted in strengthening the process of indigenization of social work education in Bangladesh.

It is therefore, immediately after the partition, an exodus of Indian Muslims to Pakistan readymsde in the same way an philipipnes of Pakistani Hindus to India took place in an uncontrolled manner.

Social work curricula have included some measures such as field practicum, field visit and case presentation to enhance the expertise reqdymade the students.

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I am very fond of truth, but not at all of martyrdom. The duration of the training course was increased from three to nine months in The students are required to submit a report mentioning the objectives of the agency and working procedure as well as outcome of Field Visit. But the entire exercise was again flawed one as social work education was hardly connected with local culture or the curriculum was coordinated with local contexts, rather incorporation and modifications in education were undertaken in the light of new social work paradigm imported again from the Western societies, especially from United States of America.

Suara Muhammadiyah Puslitbang Gender dan Anak. The social work profession emphasizes the need to link theory and practice eradymade requirement for qualification in building capacity of competent social workers.