Puto krema Marketing plan. It comes in different varieties of flavors, from Putovarian, Putchoco krema and Kremaberry will suit in every consumers taste. Forecasting business threats will be useful. Buko Pie — an all-time favorite traditional Filipino pastry style, young-coconut-filled pie. Alternatively, you can focus on a native delicacy unique to your town or province. We will monitor our everyday income and profit for order to us if we reach For our target income in a day.

See more of Asenso, Bayan on Facebook. Pampanga College of Business Administration 2. Sapin- Sapin — a native dessert consists of coconut milk, ube powder, gelatin and corn kernels. It will help to attract more customers once to be more profitable through suggesting our strategies options that we implement to the business. It is also avoidable because the switching cost of our product would be much higher.

Putchoco — Chocolate filling. Tupig — made from glutinous or malagkit rice flour, coconuts, molasses, sesame seeds, wrap in banana leaves and baked over live charcoal.

How to Start a Kakanin Business in the Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide

It can also affect employees as the sales changes. No matter how great the taste of your product, people will still think twice about buying it if it comes with a terrible box.

Paano Magluto ng Leche Flan. Maja Blanca — a cake made out of rice flour, coconut milk with addition of milk to make it more tastier and creamier, top with latik.


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Neneng’s Kakanin Caterering Serviceor plan a trip away from home. Palitaw — made from glutinous rice and sugar, sprinkled with sesame busniess and topped with grated coconut. We prepared flyers about 7, pieces which is will be distributed within 5 months with the ratio of 50 customers per day.

From there, the store expanded and added other types of kakanin in its inventory.

Putchoco is a kakani made of puto and chocolate filling inside. It is a partnership business with four members which will start from a share capital of Php 3, Kakanin are special treat in the Philippines that are often served whenever there is a special occasion like fiesta. Yung kakanin na dati nakabalot sa dahon ng ofr ilagay mo sa styro tapos lagyan mo ng plastic Business Plan, Franchising, Multi Level Marketing, Negosyo. For us to achieve our goals. In terms of personnel, it only consists of two employees, one who is responsible for assisting the customers, cook and preparing the orders, one cashiers clerk for arranging the monthly and yearly sales and responsible for receiving the payment of the customers.

Kakanin are usually prepared whenever there is a special occasion like fiesta, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc. Kutsinta Kutsinta is one of the simplest kakanin in the Philippines.

sample business plan for kakanin

This graph shows the Puto krema focuses on the target market such as Residents, students and by passers. Philippines, introducing innovation on Filipino native delicacies. Puto Bumbong — a steamed glutinous malagkit rice mixture which is popular during Christmas season.


For other provinces where rice has less supply, root crops like purple yam or taro are also turned into delicious foor desserts.

sample business plan for kakanin

Kakanin are usually prepared whenever there. Help Center Find new research papers in: Rodillas Yema Cake Address: Thus, fot satisfaction of our customers. They do not focus on product promotion.

sample business plan for kakanin

Each owner will contribute P3, Shorten your learning curve and read up on the basics of starting your own business. Sinabalo Suman — Instead of wrapping the malagkit in banana leaves, it is broiled in fresh bamboo tubes. People buy with their eyes.

As a huge fan of the Filipino way of cooking. Pichi-pichi If you see a light yellow kakanin coated in grated coconut, then that is the Pichi-pichi. Bibingka Bibingka vendors are quite common near churches especially during the Christmas season. A slice of Biko would surely go well with a cup of coffee or perhaps tea. How to Write a Meaningful Mission Statement. Ube Halaya — a native dessert made of mashed purple yam and condensed milk.