I understand that I can only apply for the scholarship to study the same major as I had studied in undergraduate or a related field. This site uses cookies. Thanks for your help! How is it significant within the subject areas covered in your class? I assume I should then try to link this to my particular interests? First email should be intriguing and not too long.

I have a whole article about how to find universities and professors that includes recommendations for contacting them. No getting around it, learning Japanese requires dedication. But you would have a few questions in Japanese mixed in there to test your ability. If you have some advices helpful websites it woul great. As I also said, whether Japanese ability matters depends on the embassy. I applied to Todai twice through the university and was twice rejected. I would like to express my gratitude.

Thank you in advance! The intended approach section explains how I plan to achieve to solve the stated problems.

MEXT Graduate Scholarship: Research Project (3/3) – Louis Lecailliez

I see that you had asked each of these questions before in separate comments. I wrote more about contacting professors here:. But it was still successful, so I link it here. What will be improved or changed as a result of the proposed research? And do i need to complete to whole research before applying or just submiting my overview or abstract of the research would be enough? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Best of luck to you! Most students spend one semester as a research student plus the semester of Japanese languageor a maximum of one year, if they have to wait a full year to take the entrance exam to get in to the degree program.


Hello Lars, This might be a silly question but I just wanna make sure. Twitter Facebook Like this: And where is the problem if I will contribute in a research already started because i am still a young engineer and this is my first experience in the research … I found it a little bit complicated to propose a research by myself so the professor told me that for the master degree I can work on an available research and by the second year of my courses I will propose a topic by myself.

This really made things easier.

Topic 5. How to write good Research Proposal

Should I choose a non-regular course student or doctorate student? MEXTstudy abroad: The second aspect of this study is to examine the effects of some of the common redistribution policies and categorize them based on the degree of inequality in the different East Asian regions.

sample research proposal for mext scholarship

Everybody should be able to understand it, and moreover to find something attractive to it. I have noticed the new guideline about the Field of Study and Research Plan that the document shoukd not exeed 2 pages. Problems in the Field Recommended Length: Make them read your proposal.

Some universities have a slightly different document list. If you want to interest them, speak about Japanese professors. Describe what you have researched in the past that led to your interest in the topic you will pursue in Japan.


In addition, it demonstrates 1 you did your homework of finding professors in Japan and 2 your project is related to Japan.

Research Proposal

The Japanese Studies scholarship requires a high level of Japanese ability from all applicants, so it makes sense that the interviews would be conducted entirely in Japanese. How to Prepare a Research Proposal: What exactly should you plan to do? Can u advice me what should I do. If you have some advices helpful websites it woul great. Thanks for publishing your experience.

Every degree program here that I know of requires some original output or culminating project. Mine is 4 pages including reference would it affect my application? Here I just share my experience at the UK embassy propossl the questions I was asked, but f One you wrote a proposal that way reviewed by multiple people, you can wrote the document 5 of the application.

This is an individual application process and there is no guarantee that both of you would be accepted, so I would recommend that you write your sdholarship plans as if you will conduct the research on your own.

sample research proposal for mext scholarship