Log In Sign Up. My point was simply that in typical beginner play, without carefully choosing laws, it only gets easier after Thesis Hunt. I take my sprinkler along. Magic is still the most damaging thing I have, except for maybe Ramza knifing things. The sprinkler is mine! The Green Beret is the only hat in the whole game that teaches an ability.

What’s the point of living if we’re all just born to die? Instead, bards and musicians are to take up knightly vows. The sprinkler is mine! FFTA doesn’t give many options with starting formations. Submit a new text post. Well that was a parade of fuck-ups.

I do remember having problems with Thesis Hunt back on my first ever game. Too bad Montblanc isn’t going to be able to use it for a while. Hope you like my strategy gameplay.

The unfair laws one complains about how random the laws are which vfta The rumors at the bar are completely pointless, most of the time.

Placid01 Placid01 6 years ago 2 Agreed. The only mission available is a little Notice how there is only one open panel? I love Dagger, it’s such a fun ability. Every rejected unit cries. Placid01 Placid01 6 years ago 6 You’ve shown that Monty can win the entire game solo. Cecile threatens it with arrows, but she sucks so it’s more a curiosity than a combat strategy. Each and every time you play this game it looks different. Life is just a series of problems that make you wish you were dead until you are!



My dumb is all gone! A few of them know Flame Attack but that’s very easy to manage. Marche is Ramza now.

thesis hunt ffta

I was a bit younger then, and in hindsight I believe most of my problems stemmed from me attacking my own Thief who I’d just added thedis the Clan. My all time favorite. It takes a while as that White Mage keeps using Cure, but when the enemy can’t hurt you it’s a matter of time.

Sure, it heals for nearly nothing but it’s free and heals most statuses. I should be more careful! Here, a Bangaa Warrior is rejected ’cause he sucks.

Sprohm is placed one panel dfta from Cyril. Cecile is a Fencer but that’s unimportant. Someone travels to do something. Some action abilities like the Fighter’s Blitz or the Archer’s Take Aim have increased hit-rate in exchange for lower damage.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Part #3 – Forbidden: Hitting

You must be joking. FFTA doesn’t give many options with starting formations. Augusto punches out the Sprite. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


Sabatini makes up for everyone’s mistakes. The enemies will have to hurt me without basic attacks. So they can punch it, you see.

thesis hunt ffta

We’re fighting Bombs for this sprinkler! Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last.