Skills and Access 5. Assessment Framework for Taught Programmes 3. Penalties for non-approved late submission Please check the Academic manual for details of the penalties that will be applied if you submit your coursework late. The UCL Pass Mark represents the minimum, threshold standards which students must meet in order to pass a module, progress through their programme and be awarded a degree. A student who does not Pass a Non-condonable Component must be reassessed in the affected module see Section There is little or no attempt at appropriate analysis, synthesis or application of knowledge, and a low level of technical competence, with many errors.

Ideas are expressed with clarity, with some minor exceptions. Good Practice for Exam Design 2. The Numeric Marking Scale must be used on the following qualifications: Coursework deadlines Dates for submission of coursework are included with the coursework instructions themselves. Each module may include one or more assessed components.

Ideas are expressed clearly.

If you exceed these parameters, you may receive a reduction in marks. Testing Summative Online Assessment Tasks 3. Coursework deadlines Dates for submission of coursework are included with the coursework instructions themselves. Students must have frequent opportunities to develop their understanding of assessment, for example through formative assessments, guided marking, peer review and opportunities to practise key assessment methods.

Penalties for late submission of coursework

A programme must use a single marking scale across all summative components and modules so that module marks Section 3. These deadlines will be applied rigidly. Requests for coursework extension Please contact your Home Department for information on how to apply for a coursework extension. Work is generally technically competent, but there may be a few gaps leading to some errors.


Ideas are expressed with overlejgth, with some minor exceptions. It is DIS departmental policy for all coursework to include an explicit deadline by which it will be marked and feedback given to students.


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Full details in the Academic Manual. The Assessment Task is the specific exam paper, essay question, topic or activity which students are asked to undertake. The module information page contains useful information about the ovrlength e. Each programme is composed of credit-weighted modules. A variety of assessment methods should be used across a programme to test different knowledge and skills – examples include written examinations, essays, presentations, reports, practicals, group work and many more.

A poor piece of work, showing some familiarity with the subject matter, but with major gaps and serious misconceptions. Students must maintain the highest standards of academic integrity whilst studying at UCL. Good Practice for Exam Design 2. Some confusion and immaturity in expression of ideas.

If you wish, you can arrange to have email forwarded automatically to a different address, but Information Systems do not recommend this. Where dual submission is used uvl.

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A fair piece of work, showing a grasp of major elements of the subject matter but possibly with some gaps or areas of confusion. The attempt at analysis, synthesis and application of knowledge is superficial, with a heavy reliance on course materials. Programme and Module Approval and Amendment Framework.


Where a student takes a module in a Faculty, Department or partner institution operating a Numeric Marking Scale, the student must receive a numeric mark AND an equivalent letter grade for each component and module. Formative assessment provides students with frequent opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of assessment so that they understand how to do well on their programme.

ucl overlength coursework

Where a Programme designates a module as Non-condonable see Section 9. Social media Staff blog Student blog Twitter.

Any penalties applied, such as oberlength for late submissions or over-length coursework, must be proportionate and applied fairly. Module Assessment Section 3: Attendance will be monitored.

A student must be awarded a mark of 0. Please contact your Home Department ulc information on how to apply for a coursework extension. In the case of coursework that is submitted late and is also over length, the greater of the two penalties will apply.

No Attempt or Minimal Attempt at Assessment.