Effective July 1, , all thesis and dissertation filers will complete the institutional repository agreement as part of the submission process via ProQuest. Such images can be incorporated into your dissertation without permission or concern for fair use. Read the terms on the form carefully. If a graduate student applies for readmission can they use a Filing Fee the quarter they are readmitted? For full detail, read the U.

Final Oral Exam Preparation: Information about the electronic filing process and formatting requirements for the dissertation can be found on the Graduate Division’s Electronic Thesis and Dissertation website. This includes items found on the internet. Effective July 1, , all thesis and dissertation filers will complete the institutional repository agreement as part of the submission process via ProQuest. To be eligible to use the Filing Fee, a graduate student must have been registered in the previous quarter.

View the Deadlines page. If you are concerned that such availability would impact your ability to later publish the thesis or dissertation as a monograph, or derive a journal article from a chapter, several studies of publisher practices have shown that this is not the case.

For Summer, the deadline is 8 business days prior to the last day of Summer Session C.

The UCLA Thesis and Dissertation Submission Agreement allows graduate students to affirm their understanding of the rights and responsibilities associated with the submission of their manuscripts to the campus institutional repository, eScholarship. Items in copyright will need either permission or a fair use justification. However, some agreements specify that you retain the right to reprint the article in your dissertation. If any of your doctoral committee members have changed, complete a Reconstitution of Doctoral Committee Form see below under FORMS and submit it to the Graduate Advising Supervisor with the appropriate signatures except the Department Chair’s signature.

Theses and dissertations also have not undergone deaadlines review.


ucla dissertation filing deadlines

When will the embargo begin? Keep in mind that the copyright owner must be amenable to this as a resolution. If a graduate student was on an official Leave of Absence last quarter can they use a Filing Fee this quarter?

Generally, no exceptions will be granted. Being registered in absentia qualifies a graduate student to use the Filing Fee.

File Your Thesis or Dissertation

Please review the posted filing deadlines and remember that the deadline is at deadliines on the specific days noted. If the student had completed the professional degree in the preceding Spring semester and is not continuing into the Fall semester, then student is eligible to apply for the Filing Fee for seadlines summer term.

How do committee members who are not from UCLA approve theses or dissertations? Certifying members are responsible for approving your dissertation.

Effective Fallgraduate students who are approved to use a Filing Fee will have the entire academic term to complete their degree requirements.

ucla dissertation filing deadlines

Under rare circumstances and prior to the filing of the thesis or dissertation, the Dean of the Filkng Division may approve requests for time-delimited embargoes beyond the two-year limit. Degrees to be officially conferred during a particular quarter must be filed by the posted filing deadline for that quarter.

Filing Fee Application | UCLA Graduate Programs

All graduate students must have advanced to candidacy at least one quarter prior to the term of filing fee usage. How do graduate students determine what they can use without permission under Fair Use? Additionally, the abstracts of theses and dissertations worldwide are indexed by ProQuestSciFinder and other abstracting services. If a graduate student did not complete their final degree requirements within the term in which they paid the Filing Fee, they must apply for readmission for the following academic term and will need to register and enroll in order to complete their degree OR register and enroll in a minimum of four units during the Summer term.


UCLA has specified dissertation filing deadlines each quarter. Only the ones approved by UCLA. You must include in your Acknowledgments section any material based on co-authored work that is published, in-press, submitted, or in preparation for publication. The Graduate Division will only check your thesis or dissertation formatting once you have submitted it to ProQuest.

A projector is installed in the Orals Room Hershey. Read the terms on the form carefully. Consequently, the vast majority of scientific and scholarly publications do not view theses and dissertations as constituting prior publication that would render articles based on the work ineligible for consideration.

Most agreements require you to transfer your copyright to the publisher.

Requests to embargo a thesis or dissertation after the manuscript deadlinse been filed in UC eScholarship are permissible only in exceptional circumstances, and require Graduate Division approval. If a graduate student is eligible to use the Filing Fee for the term in which they expect to complete their final degree requirements, they may use MyUCLA to declare nonattendance.

ucla dissertation filing deadlines

Professors can approve a thesis or dissertation from anywhere with access to the internet. Publishers recognize that work deadlijes in theses and dissertations is often preliminary and may require additional research and writing before it can be submitted to the journal.

The filing “grace period” also known as the interim period begins the day after the official filing deadline and ends prior to the first day of classes in the upcoming quarter.