Touch is a new class of interactions that interweave touch events with in-air gestures, offering a unified input modality with expressiveness greater than each input modality alone. This category is limited to one course per license cycle similar to the Category B example for instructors. Either update to Thesis 2. How to write a simple business plan pdf! I really love the Enhanced Theme Control screen now.

List of Changes with WordPress 3. I managed to do this in about 10 minutes. February 21, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. January 24, at 7:

The list under Section 2 above is not intended to be a comprehensive list, 8 Trust: January 25, at 6: This product was released way to soon evidenced by the total lack of any documentation on how to use it.

Still playing around with it, but like and recommend it.

If you already have Thesis, upgrave to 1. What also makes them great? You may not see yourself managing an e-commerce site or big list right now. I might have tried to wade through another learning curve with 2. An HTTP is returned, as described below.


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upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0

January 24, at 1: At least I backed up everything just in case! These were dead simple, and allowed you to do quite a lot of customization. Find me on one of the Social Media buttons below. Thank 0 for not only summing up to differences between the two, details and 5 Version.

The Day WordPress Broke Thesis 1.8.5

To know more about me [ Read Here This is an old article which was relevant during its time of writing. If you go into your column widths and change them — surprise!

Is there any way to use Gmail and be able to chat with people that use Hotmail? I wil use it jpgrade my current blog in near future. But if you make sure you test before you update — you will avoid a TON of issues!

Skip the Thesis 2 WordPress Theme/Framework

Now your almost done! Good to hear you found something that works for you now. I thought maybe when the Social Triggers skin came out, it might be worth trying again.

Get in touch with us today and be on your way in no 2.0


Make sure to do a FULL backup of everything. I share my passion for gaming, technology, and WordPress. Because they touted such things as embedded twitter links! Also, WordPress improved image captioning in version 3.

How to Upgrade Your Blog to Thesis 2.0 or Installing Thesis 2 for the first time [Solution]

Thesis is a good framework. Maybe Thesis 3 will be out by then, and maybe it will be an improvement.

upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0

I do know some developers who really love Thesis 2, but as a non-developer who was always happy and comfortable with Thesis 1. WordPress has come out with a new version. Otherwise, we will be in the market for a better framework. This will create the following file type which is saved to your computer: How to write a simple business plan pdf!