Your CV should change for each application, or type of application, as well as your cover letter. This is so important. What the MP wants to know is that you know what a researcher or caseworker does and that you can demonstrate that you can do it. It is worth contacting your local MP first, unless they are not of the party you support. Include a personal statement — the intention of this is to provide an overview of who you are, what you have been doing and what you want to achieve. The first thing you need to think about, is that working for an MP is party political.

They have worked very hard to get where they are and they care about what they are doing. They will be more inclined to offer you a position if you have a real link with their constituency and are aware of their political interests. The jobs are quite different and command different salaries. Skip to content Added: Poor letter etiquette As correspondence will be an important part of the job, your letter should be done properly. Have a look at the online version of the page booklet we prepared for new staff following the May General Election.

The position would be an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my insight into politics, working in a varied and challenging environment as part of a career in current affairs. You might mention how you got involved, what policies attracted you, what you think the party can offer the country.

In the concluding paragraph of your covering letter, try to give three reasons for why you want to work for the MP you are applying to — not generic points on why you want to work for an Ldtter. Working for an MP in the House of Commons can be a very rewarding career opportunity.


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Many people said that they would allow one or two small errors, but for more than that, you would need a very good reason to avoid automatic rejection. For the Parliamentary Assistant applicants who formed the vast majoritythere was a massive failure to talk about the MP herself. When applying to work for an MP, you have to show that you know about that MP and understand, and are interested in their work.

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Here are some places to start: Of the people who did not mention it, 23 were offered interviews. Here is the ad: In our scheme, 5 in 6 applications were judged not to be good enough letyer an interview, in a situation where there was no restriction on numbers. The difficult truth is that your application will be competing with possibly hundreds of others. Many potentially good candidates fall at the first hurdle because they make common mistakes, which we hope the scheme has highlighted to them.

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It will be an important skill in the job to pick out and present relevant information in a concise way, often condensing complex subjects into one or two pages.

Under the scheme, a cross-party panel of current parliamentary researchers and caseworkers gave candidates the real story on whether their application would get an interview, and why.

What is it about the constituency that interests you? Your application should show that you can do this. Some people placed far too much emphasis on what the job could do for them, rather than what they could do for the job. This is so important.

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By User Gflores on en. An academic background and interest in parliamentary procedure, looking for an opportunity to experience working with the Parliamentary Labour Party. Caseworkers typically provide advice and support to constituents on a variety of issues e. This may be in the form of voluntary work in the constituency office, for the local party, helping during an election campaign, or in Parliament.


This may seem prohibitive to people who cannot afford to work for free, or for small amounts of remuneration, but it is the reality of gaining work for an MP.

A high standard of written and spoken English is also extremely important. Staff can work in a paid capacity, as an intern, or as a volunteer. It is not a hobby.

w4mp cover letter

If you are not sure which MPs you might want to work for, do some research on individual MPs at this website: They catch the eye, they can make you memorable and are fun to read. When writing press releases, speeches, PQs, EDMs and much else, the fewer words you use, the better your point will come across. Why do you want to do this job and not another political job?

Jane advertised for a Parliamentary Assistant and a Caseworker and gave away certain information about herself in the process. Otherwise, how does the MP know that you can be trusted to write an important letter or submit an accurate lettef to a Bill or email someone on their behalf without them having to check it every time?

You can do it. One of my greatest driving forces in life is a desire to see the suffering of others reduced. Personal details — name, covef, phone number and email address.