Objects that can be compressed include: We are going to start the mail merge letter part of Unit 2 Presentation task today. You must include all the basic features and advanced features outlined below: I will be splitting these up into Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3 in the next few days. A brand often includes a logo, fonts, colour schemes, symbols and sound which may be developed to represent implicit values, ideas and even personality.

You need to produce detailed hand designs for each page in your leaflet. Do NOT lift sentences from the brochures or documents. Some features also need printscreen evidence. Transfer of Data Please bear in mind that you have exemplars to follow, and that your flyer work is yet to be completed. Click here for more information. Example 1 Example 2 Basic Features – You should include all the following.

Now create your leaflet based on the designs you have drawn. Use of different fonts and styles [1 mark] Use of bold, centre and underline [1 mark] Autoshapes [1 mark] Right or Full Justification [1 mark] Bullet Points [1 mark] WordArt [1 mark] Shading Effects [1 mark] Headers coutsework Footers [1 mark] Use of at least 2 forms of electronic combination of graphical images e.

If you do not comply with this requirement you will lose the 6 marks for purpose courdework design Example Upload evidence of word count Assignment. State the purpose of each of your Desktop Publishing DTP documents and annotate the scanned documents to identify any DTP features that have been used to create and enhance the documents. Each feature may be awarded one mark – up to a maximum of 5 marks. Explain the overall purpose of your document and the purpose of each page. There is a new deadline for this Friday — keep to it!


We will be reviewing the test in class.


Advanced Features – You courseworo aim to include at least 5 of the following. Click here to upload your scanned documents Assignment Explain the ethos the organisation is trying to convey e. Explanation of any features used including page size, orientation, margin sizes, font styles, font sizes and paragraph styles.

The 4 techniques which you have to identify as having been used in the courseework are contained in the lists of basic and advanced features in the marking Grid for Unit2 — Task 1. Compression and Storage Techniques [4 Marks].

wjec it2 coursework mark scheme

Students have chosen an adventure company, with a brochure, mailshot and flyer to analyse. Detailed Design of Document [4 Marks].

I have not seen clear annotations, nor designs yet. Unit IT2 is a coursework task based on ‘Presenting Information’.

wjec it2 coursework mark scheme

Click here for more information:. Background Style – This must be an original design and not simply one of the predefined layouts which are part of the software. Keep up with the weekly targets! You must talk about specific objects or files you have used in your documents.


wjec it2 coursework mark scheme

You should include the following:. Background – Description of the Organisation [2 Marks].


Today Wednesday, 22 May Click here for more guidance. The animation must be relevant to the presentation. Create a summary for your ipod. Assignment Create Leaflet Now create your leaflet based on the designs you have drawn.

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You should be looking for features such as: Skip to main content. Moodle Theme by Newschool Learning. This will mean that you have to scan in the 3 documents you have chosen to use. State the purpose of your automated document and annotate the scanned image to identify any data that shceme been or could have been merged into the document e. Click here for more information.

You must include all the basic features and advanced features outlined below:.