We perform a genre analysis of actual communication data captured on the Yammer platform. Anyone can create a network for their company by registering with their email address on the platform, and depending on the setup, new users can join easily by way of registering with their corporate email address, which serves as their identifier. It lays the seeds for serendipitous moments to happen that have been de- scribed as one of the main benefits of enterprise social networking Zhao and Rosson , whereby users stumble upon relevant information without actively searching for it. To help us insure we adhere to various privacy regulations, please select your country of residence. The group is much larger, more diverse and dispersed as in the above-mentioned two cases. In the context of knowledge-intensive work in our case company, such crowdsourcing activities can also be viewed as a form of online brainstorming.

Journal of Economic Geography, 4 2 , — Communicative practices can be exposed by systematically analysing the set of messages captured on the Yammer platform. If it turned out to be too specialised, the genre was merged with a more general one. Essentially, genres act as templates for communication and thus inform us about the shape and shaping of social activity Kwasnik and Crowston, , Yammer has been appropriated and found its place within Deloitte Australia as 1 an information-sharing channel, 2 a space for crowdsourcing ideas, 3 a place for finding expertise and solving problems and, most importantly, 4 a conversation medium for context and relation- BIS WP Powercrowd:

Yammer, in our case company, is serving precisely that purpose: In yet another case, Riemer et al.

yammer case study deloitte

In czse context, the emergence of social software and social media pre- sents as a promising opportunity to reinvent knowledge work.


Users do not have to wait until they can con- tribute their ideas. The differences between these two genres are outlined below. Pick of the Month: Microblogging allows users to send short messages characters in the case of Twitter into a message stream, from which users can create their own personalised information view by following the messages of a select number of users. At the same time, work is carried out by a rather diverse set of people; teams stuey comprise firstly a larger number of junior analysts or consultants and secondly a smaller number of experienced partners who bring in their expertise and domain knowledge.

Idea Generation as a form of Online Brainstorming In our data sample, we found several communication threads that were started for the purpose of sourcing ideas from the user group.

Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. Webinars, eBooks, White Papers.

Case Study and Yammer – Working Smarter Daily

If it is not a reply post a new thread Yajmer is created. To execute the queries all data were exported to MS Access.

yammer case study deloitte

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Looking forward to the new features of Office We then introduce genre analysis as the main method. Human Relations, 54 7— Each member firm provides services in a particular geographic area.

yammer case study deloitte

However, the role and impact of social technologies in enterprises in general and knowledge work in particular are still not well understood, despite emerging scholarly works in this field. Let’s personalize your content. Considering the most common challenges of group brainstorming we come to appreciate this practice as an effective form of ad-hoc idea generation.


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Rules, norms, codes of conduct govern profession- Formal knowledge constrains the work of profes- al behaviour. English in academic and research settings, Cambridge University Press, Case studies describing different approaches for implementing microblogging technologies and reporting on initial findings and benefits have constituted early research in this field e.

In professional ser- vice work the output can essentially be described as new knowledge. Subscribe to the following Working Smarter Daily newsletters: Our genre analysis allows us to illustrate with rich data the role that the EMB platform has assumed in the case company.

It is with a second wave of social technologies that a truly interac- tional space for knowledge work opens up. Another limitation is that the findings presented here are only based on one case.

This genre is defined as messages where users announce that they finished a work task. In general, like Twitter, Yammer is based on the “follower”-principle, i. Knowledge intensity of Professional Service work Professional Service Firms PSFsuch as consultancy agencies, accounting and auditing firms, or finan- cial planning businesses, have been characterised as both knowledge-intensive and client-focused Maister If it turned out to be too specialised, the genre was merged with a more general one.