The size of the U. It is not enough to be an independent contractor. Chodorow Law Offices can help: He was granted permanent residence, as a result of which we are planning an imminent return to the US. I have been offered a job in another country with a US-based firm working in international development on a contract that runs another three years.

There are several models for these requirements; minimum number of weeks, number of required More information. Reviewed April N Naturalization for foreign born spouses Page 2 of Will he get his green card first or will he get his citizenship right away? In both of those countries, they will grant me a visa as a domestic partner, to reside there with him, without being legally married. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please advise, your input is higly appreciated Thanks.

Davis, MA Introduction Employer-sponsored health.


I American born citizen have been employed in Hong Kong for the past 25 years now. A list of addresses can be found in attachment 12, Where to File, or at under where to file.

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My wife will work in South Africa for the same not-for-profit she works for here. The foreign spouse does need to have a plan to avoid abandonment of LPR status.

Since becoming a permanent resident, I have never stayed outside of the USA for more than 3 months straight.


See also Interpretations OR Since I am applying based on INA b as the spouse of a USC who is regularly stationed abroad attached you will find the travel orders naming me as accompanying letetr following to join during that long term assignment. Use of “Mail Box” service Kathy M. This is a fact-specific question to discuss wiht your lawyer. In other words, she can just prove that she has resided in the U.

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I am thinking of applying for a temporary assignment for a year or two in Africa in our field office. However, thank you again for your kind assistance and I really appreciate your answers. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

319b cover letter

Levi, 1a Will it matter that we will be living in my home country? Maude Lambert 2 years ago Views: I have two questions: The Obama Administration and Community Health Centers Community health centers are a critical source of health care for millions of Americans particularly those in underserved communities. We did receive an I interview letter as well for the same time and date. Foreign Trade or Commerce 4. How are the requirements of standard naturalization and expeditious naturalization different?

I just found out about this possibility. I have permanent residency in Hong Kong, and want to marry a Philippine national working in Hong Kong. We filed both packets within a few weeks of each other so I’m thinking it’s just a formality.


319b cover letter

A couple of lefter issues that our firm or another immigration lawyer would analyze in evaluating your eligibility for expeditious naturalization include, a whether the U. Will I have any difficulty returning to the U.

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Introduction Employees of state and. I am a US citizen currently employed abroad by a listed public international organization so I believe my husband should be eligible for expeditious naturalization. Document Authentication Instructions Please follow the following coveer and send all required documents listed below: Both the statute and the corresponding regulations are silent on how to measure the one-year period.

This can often be accomplished in one short trip.

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Additionally, the applicant must submit: He has been living in the USA for more than 11 years. She was granted conditional residency inand the conditions were removed this year.

So to become a citizen, the most obvious options are for you to meet the 1-year continuous physical presence requirement to file an N or live in the U.