Following the point are checked during spreading I. Scenario of Apparel Export of Pakistan. Job security is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Pareto analysis Histograms A chart that shows the frequency distribution of observed values of a variable like service time at a bank drive-up window. For preparing this report a small research is conducted on four Garments factories of Bangladesh. Lack of freedom at work

The weakness of the collective organization of workers is given not only by the fractioning in small and many committees that lose significantly in power, because of their size, but also there is almost no collective agreement among them. Since May , the Bangladesh RMGI has been beset with very serious labour unrest, resulting in large-scale damage to garments factories by the workers and at times threatening the very existence of this industry. Common symptoms affected body area: Remember me on this computer. Continuous improvement process helps in providing feedback on the measures, so that they can evolve strategies to meet changing needs of the customer. No statistical test was done. These companies were selected purposively to ensure the best possible scenario of TQM practices in Bangladesh.

Reported health vulnerabilities issues: Is it attractive and welcoming?

Literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh – Google Docs

Insufficient knowledge about TQM. These mixed-method studies used FGD focus group discussion as a tool to collect the data for the qualitative part along with survey questionnaires for the quantitative component. Although the health vulnerabilities of the Bangladeshi and Indian RMG workers have banglacesh previously highlighted, the health vulnerabilities arising from sudden disasters in the sector remain a neglected issue.


In addition, sexual harassment at workplace, low wages and repetitive strain from physically demanding and intense work also make the workers vulnerable. The Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation has criticised the amended Bangladesh Labour Act stating that it is ‘falling well short of international labour standards’.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

When employees get along and work i together, there is lower turnover, less friction and better performance. They are therefore vulnerable to losing their jobs at any time. Yours Faithfully, Humayra Shams Roll: Mental health status of female workers in private apparel manufacturing industry in Bangalore city, Karnataka, India. The Constitution of Bangladesh,Dhaka: Utilization of machinery and working method of labor.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

They have to work more than eight hours a day but are not paid over time at double the rate of their pay as per the provision of the law. Bangladesh Gazette, October 11, City Forum, 9 scetor Compared to the other main competing countries where garments are being produced, Bangladesh scores well Spinanger, We collect data for this project from internet and from our text book.

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The main grounds are for the dissatisfaction of workers and shortage of skilled manpower. Certain quality related problems, often seen in garment manufacturing like sewing, color, sizing, or garment defects should never be over looked. The recent Rana plaza catastrophe and Tazreen fire reviiew with horrendous casualties have added further justifiability to initiate and conduct research study centring this issue.

Click here to sign up. The notable ones are as under: For literatre, more than 12, job satisfaction studies were published by the early s Naughton, This improves the performance of the organization, while also motivating and enriching the work of employees.


Health vulnerabilities of readymade garment (RMG) workers: a systematic review

Often the first step in Process Re- Engineering Figure 5: At present the garments kn of the country is arguably unstable pointing out the necessity of in-depth study and analysis to heel it. It relies on seven basic concepts: TQM involves management, workforce, suppliers, and even customers, in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Based on this main objective the specific objectives of the report are to: A light workload can be totally boring and unsatisfying. J Int Women’s Stud.

Searching for relevant published literature was undertaken from May to September literatude restricted to the research articles published over a ten-year period from July to June to identify the contemporary health vulnerabilities, along with the causes of these vulnerabilities, among RMG workers from South and Southeast Asian countries.

In Bangladesh, in particular, these industries play a very significant role in the economic development in terms of employment generation especially for blue r,g workers.

Saiful Haque and intellectual help from my colleagues and other think tanks will make the study possible. However, factors that should be given much more concentration are as follows: