And Peace will be taken advantaged of by the violent. Strangeloves concocting their military plots. Because the Filipinos cannot keep their mouth shut. To some extent, it could be merely based on personal bias perceptions, or maybe on the physical appearance and demeanor of that particular leader. He should have opted for the truth at the earliest time.. They had no success until late in the afternoon, about three hours after the wipe-out of an entire SAF unit.

Forty-four SAF members lost their lives in carrying out this mission. A few months after the clash, Abdul Basit Usman , another target of the operation, was killed by MILF after being found hiding on a base command’s camp. As senior citizens we are more flexible in money and time, hence the spur of the moment trip. This conflict has had that edge of brutality about it for many decades. In this case, yes, I believe he messed up. Cutting out all the middlemen, the discussion went like this:.

Catholics and Muslims must follow their priests and imams, and not self-thought out reason or conscience.

mamasapano massacre essay

If they were seriously considering peace then they should have handed over those that killed the policemen. Look at their stance on the RH Bill, look at their endless meddling in political affairs. Hmmm… no offense intended, Joe. I believe he and his government should be accountable.

mamasapano massacre essay

Let us ensure that the ultimate sacrifice made by some members of the SAF does not go to waste. We have seen a frenzied hunt for culprits for the death of 44 SAF troops at the Battle of Mamasapano being carried out in the Senate, the House, and the Philippine tabloid media.


FULL TEXT: Executive Summary of PNP Board of Inquiry Report on Mamasapano Clash

More and more people are starting to recognize this if I read the various comment threads correctly. I think poor Art got beat up about his grammar comment. Payutenyo d agimas says: The goal of Oplan Exodus was to neutralize high value targets HVTs who were international terrorists—i. Tactically, I think he is a part of the rumored coup package of old farts and his assigned role is to divide the PNP and military against President Aquino.

A lot of Filipinos, I would observe, cannot, for they cannot delegate up to their president the right to make hard decisions.

mamasapano massacre essay

Cotabato City—Two years have passed since the infamous incident in Barangay Tukanalipao in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, where 67 persons were killed in a botched operation conducted by the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. As Oplan Exodus unfolded, mobile massavre devices was used as a primary mode of communication. Mariano Renato Pacifico says: There were about 15 to twenty armed elements.

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Of course Aquino is not really a strong leader, he never was. Thanks for pointing out that background on this survey. I have no idea of how they are engaged. It is a clearing house for knowledge and insights. He will await the findings of his appointed panel of PNP investigators, and then he will announce a complete version of the findings, to the extent that he does not reveal matters of national security.


Never mind that the United States respects Philippine sovereignty in ways that other nations do not. It comes with the job. P-Noynoy Aquino P-Noy is so committed and determined to push this agreement to end the war in Mindanao will the Moro people and bring peace and progress to this part of the country before he steps down.

How can we have mercy for the militants who have inflicted such brutality to our fellow human beings? Duterte might be someone a lot of people trust because he seems very down-to-earth. Our troops needed to enter quietly and carefully; otherwise, their targets may have been alerted.

Mamasapano clash

One of the earliest warrants was issued inwhich means that they were already being pursued when I was a member of Congress. You can see and experience majasapano everywhere.

jamasapano I tend to see turmoil rather than rational solution. The primary why was to assign accountability. The prior incidents involving the Marwan hunt should be a part of this inquiry. I used to think there were actual newspapers here, and some tabloids.

Again this has to do with the split-level dirty kitchen, clean kitchen mentality that many Filipinos still have.