We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The wound image, then, also has a positive side. The sight of so many skeletons together in a grave must have stirred up genuine emotion. This could perhaps also explain why the language in Mametz Wood is more violent to express to the reader Sheers indignation of the soldiers treatment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The battle raged for two days, at the end of which nearly men were killed or wounded.

Farther by Owen Sheers. That which is repressed, in other words, will return — and here, the repression is the wilful forgetting of the sacrifice that the Welsh soldiers of Mametz Wood made. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. Then a bang—and the yell of the shell case as it went through us. On the morning of 10th July , the Division attacked Mametz Wood, and managed to fight through to the fringe edges of the forest, which Germans had taken as a defensive position, and populated with machine guns.

These half-rhymes have more impact since there are only two pairs throughout the poem. Nearer the remains of Montaubon and Trones Wood.

Mametz Wood by Owen Sheers

Similarly in the Falling Leaves, the soldiers are loem to have died an unnatural death by weapons, like the soldiers in Mametz Wood. Here Sheers tries to show us that from war -which is a manmade action- not only do people suffer and get hurt, but it also has a negative scarring impact on nature itself.

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This signifies that the soldiers were passionate about what they were doing and fighting for. A frontal attack on Contalmaison and Mametz Wood quit different and separate from Mametz village which we saw from our ridge to a flank.


A WW1 battleground is essaay a site of trauma and memory when buried soldiers are rediscovered. He also saw a newspaper article with a photograph of a war grave that had recently been discovered near Mametz Wood; he found the photograph very moving.

‘Mametz Wood’ by Owen Sheers (Poetry Analysis, GCSE) | Poetry Shark

Although it is not a personal account of war, Sheers has created a moving description of the way in which reminders of the horrors of war are still present and visible many years later. The last two lines of the stanza focus on how the soldiers were ordered to walk towards the wood, unaware of the guns that were waiting to fire on them.

Both poems deplore a deep sense of regret and consistently use nature throughout their poems as extended metaphors to reflect how the soldiers deaths were not natural. However, the war is now over, and the land watches over the dead soldiers. At this point, the bones are spoken of collectively; the soldiers died together, and it is as though their bond has transcended beyond death, allowing them to remain a community and a unit even after they have lain undiscovered in the mud for years.

Mametz Wood by Owen Sheers. By remembering, rather than avoiding, war, we can begin to overcome the trauma it causes. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

mametz wood poem essay

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Then a bang—and the yell of the shell case as it went through us. Downloading text is forbidden on this eood. This evokes sympathy from the reader because we can understand here that their deaths were unnecessary here and that they should not have attacked but waited. The great valley was already nearly ploughed from end to end and here and there whizz-bangs were bursting.


The driver standing beside me was lying killed.

mametz wood poem essay

This is different to Mametz Wood because it seems to suggest more that war is avoidable. Death has prematurely silenced these young men. This leaves the poem on a happier note than the previous violence throughout the poem. About four thousand soldiers of the 38 th Welsh Division lost their lives during the battle. There is a sense of peace and hopefulness despite the sad imagery of the shallow grave of allied soldiers.

That the manmade boots outlasted the soldiers, this shows how tough the material that made the boots were, and could also show how the boots do not degrade as easily as humans decompose, this shows they are a negative effect to the earth.

mametz wood poem essay

Rather than the living plucking them wilfully from the grave, the earth itself gives them up to scrutiny, and in this way, it seems as though a rebirth of their identities. The imagery is very rich, and the persistence of the relics of war is clear.

This makes the reader feel sympathetic for these soldiers as we mmaetz that they were vulnerable and not protected when going jametz battle.

The wound image, then, also has a positive side. For years afterwards the farmers found them — the wasted young, turning up under their plough blades as they tended the land back into itself.