However, Toad is embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, and it takes much coxing by Frog to get him in. That is how he is and he is happy that way. Hyperion Books for Children. Piggie the pig gets invited to a party. K — 3 Readers who will like this:

Even though the book is intended for emergent readers, preschools will also enjoy the sweet and simple stories. The caterpillar became a butterfly! Also, included great illustrations and a storyline that was easy to follow for younger readers. When Gerald gets the most delicious ice-cream cone imaginable he has to decide whether or not he should share with his friend, and when Piggie pretends to be a frog, he has to teach Gerald how to pretend too. It was a very cute book and would be great for reading to young children. This leads to a midnight exchange of Knuffle Bunnies. Harper and Row Publishers.

Because the illustrations and text are simple, parents can read them to toddlers, and the toddlers enjoy them. By asking these questions, it allows students to wiloems comprehension.

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Everyone believes that Mo is too small and clumsy to play football, but the coach believes in him and creates a game plan that helps him win the game Age Level: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The students could go outside and play catch but not use their hands or feet to try to catch the ball. Everyday the sloth is slow. Pre-K-2 Readers who would like this book: The students would learn all about the Dutch community, foods and the culture.


I rate this book a three out of a five with five being the best.

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I also liked how this book showed that it is okay to ask someone for help if you do not know much about a specific topic. The students for a day would then trade each other and take the stuffed animal or toy home with them to play with for a day.

First thing he did was search for food. It makes us all more interesting.

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Wednesday he ate through 3 plums. I did think that the book could have gone a little deeper though, so that it was not just the pigeon talking. She looks at her bunny and realizes it is the wrong bunny! The last animal she asks, is a whale who ignores her.

K — 3 Readers who will like this: Even though the book is intended for emergent readers, preschools will also enjoy the sweet and simple stories. By Mo Willems Willems, M.

They will then record where they took their stuffed animal in their journals. And so is Ml. Towards the end of the game Coach Steve decides to put Mo in. Why does the pigeon think he can drive the bus?


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I am invited to a party! Readers who would like this book: Trixie and her family take a trip to Holland to see her grandparents and guess who gets to go along!

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The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog is full of humor and outbursts. But what some people don’t know is that there are many other versions of the Goldilocks tales. The stories in this book still appeal to readers today.

mo willems annotated bibliography

What did the pigeon decide he wanted to get after he decided that a dog was not for him? We all like to do different bibliogrphy, but also in different ways. There’s Is a Bird on Your Head!. Mo Willems creates simple characters with easy dialogue, so they are really fun for kids who are beginning to read.

This book also contains a story about a letter, a lost button and the springtime.