Kafalenos, ‘Not Yet Knowing: Chapter II of Pseudo-Turpin opens with an analeptic summary explaining how the body of the martyred Apostle St James was rescued from Herod by his followers and carried by sea to Galicia, which he had converted to Christianity but whose people had subsequently reverted to paganism. Honorius of Autun c. Constantine offers Charlemagne great riches – but he will only accept some holy relics Jerusalem Crusade, scene 5 of 6. His shield is slung over his back, with the cord around his shoulders. The central axis comprises a half-circle at the bottom plus seven equal-sized circular medallions contained within alternating circular and lozenge-shaped openings in the armature this shows the danger of relying on armature patterns alone when considering geometry – on bright days the hard outlines of the armature dominate but when the light is more diffuse, the viewer becomes more aware of the circles within those lozenges. Robert Hanks, Jack’s back:

As should soon become clear, this is not mere coincidence, since these clarifying terms are themselves cognitive meta -frames, i. The obvious similarities in the lives of various martyr saints is an open invitation to some kind of Proppian analysis, employing such functions as Nativity, Conversion, Trial test of faith , Imprisonment, Miracle proof of sanctity , Martyrdom, etc. The narrative image is never absorbed and understood in an instantaneous flash of perception but is progressively unpicked as the eye and the cognitive apparatus that drives it scans the various elements of the image. Unconvinced, Ferracutus proposes they should settle their theological disagreements by trial of combat and the fighting resumes panel Number of times event occurs in the fabula.

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Though only of peripheral interest to narratologists who study the Bible as a text in its own right, these epitextual filters presents a major challenge to the study of medieval visual narratives.

Far-right is an altar, seen in side view, hwatling which rests an uncovered chalice a combination of iconic signs which together function as a very specific conventional sign denoting that mass [] is currently being celebrated thesks otherwise the chalice would be shown covered by a cloth. Whilst it may be overplaying matters slightly to suggest that the reputation of St James the Greater needed much pgd a boost, it is certainly true that a reminder of the circumstances under which the Chemin St Jacques was first liberated would have helped in the valorisation of the Santiago pilgrimage.

stuart whatling phd thesis

The Bible and LiteratureLondon As suggested earlier, any study of Christian narratives and their medieval audiences must address the problems of transmission. If we posit a virtual vita – the underlying implied text or fabula see chapter 2.


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Whilst such looseness hpd be annoying to modern scholars, it was manna for the typologically inclined medieval theologian, for whom a figure like Charlemagne was an open invitation to discuss Joshua consider the collapsing walls of Pamplona The group of Saracens, although fleeing, present a solid cluster of helmets, very different from the disorganised trio who try in vain to defend their king in panel The dome over the portal is also a generic element within the conventional sign complex denoting a city – stjart for example the depiction of the city of Sens in panel 13 of bay 17 at Chartres Fig.

The choice of the more stuarh of the two possibilities is entirely in keeping with the generally violent tenor of the panels. In the Historia naturalisPliny tells how the two greatest painters of their day, Zeuxis of Heraclea and Parrhasius of Ephesus, competed to see who could paint the most convincing image. What dost thou merit? Know that I shall not leave this table before the hand sutart struck me is brought here by dogs.

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Contemporary PoeticsLondon Some pages retain the same basic layout described above but reverse the sequence of the narrative frames e. Art in Plantagenet EnglandLondon In the Christian whattling tradition, it commonly functions as the initiator of a quest, as is the case here.

stuart whatling phd thesis

As thseis the Grandes chroniquesso in the window at Chartres – where it is noteworthy though not always noted that the discourse is dhatling very different one from the earlier verse-narrative traditions that grew up around Charlemagne and Roland, as it also is from the various secular image cycles. Recent ResearchLos Angeles Some hagiographies such as those of St Julien the hospitaller, St Eustace or St Thomas in India whatlimg have a single narrative thread running through the whole story, which needs to be told in a particular order in order to make sense overall.

So far this discussion of the mapping of fabula-time into discourse-time has concentrated on the various ways of ordering events. Prince, Grammar of Stories: It defines what tthesis framed as a meaningful world as opposed to the outside-the-frame which is simply the world experienced.

After the battle of Roncesvalles and the sounding of the oliphantthe dying Roland is joined by his friend Baldwin, of whom he begs a drink of water.


All this seems to indicate a general movement towards panel 05 which at least raises the possibility that the correct sequence of reading is actually – and therefore that this scene is Constantine welcoming Charlemagne on his way to the Holy Land.

In an age when the Church was actively concerned with promoting crusade and pilgrimage, his story was perhaps too good an exemplum to waste.

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English cathedral administrators generally discourage serious photography and whilst I would have liked to include the remarkable windows of Canterbury Cathedral in my study, my approaches concerning photography remained unanswered. This combination of dream and consultation is repeated at the start of the second segment but here the sequence is reversed – Charlemagne consults his shuart panel 08 but they are unable to explain the Milky Way, whose significance is then revealed to him in a dream panel As a narrative function, this scene marks the opening nucleus of segment 1.

Its importance for the overall story, and presumably the reason for its inclusion, is that it shows Tnesis being received as the equal of the Byzantine Emperor – a proleptic external index of his own eventual [] coronation as Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas day Wallis, Arts and SignsBloomingtonp. The obvious interpretation, that it is the siege and fall of Pamplona the most important conquest in the campaign appears initially to be contradicted by some of the details of panel One of the damn things is enough.

For he can pud stand-in for this complex, composite figure whose stories appear in windows, carvings, manuscripts, etc. Unusually, both fighters are wearing chain-mail and surcoats. The versions of those texts familiar to medieval Christian authors were based mainly on the Septuagint a koine Greek redaction compiled in the third and second centuries BC, thesix by a divinely-inspired committee of seventy-two elders assembled by King Ptolemy IIalthough from Jerome onwards, elements of other Hebrew textual versions some closer to the Masoretic Text also found their way into the Latin biblical cannon.