Or she has a paperback thesaurus ready and does the same thing. Besides, this was what the book missed at certain point – true emotion. A Maim a tree. Rasanya, bab yang akhir-akhir tu je yang macam best. A cat lover,Khaliza hails from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Look at the colour and simplicity of the book, folks! I have to admit that as a traveler and reader at the same time, I am a bit lost with certain part of the story.

He also cannot seem to differentiate lust from love. Pait rated it it was amazing Feb 22, Well that would explain why I Karr: It’s just that I feel that the book is too “Fixi” at the ending. One similarity is both are generally love stories but the former is clearly darker. Anxious as I’ve been trying to get mine published locally.

I hate twisted stuff. Not like the usual happy endings of a love story. Where are soeech dialogs? I might fill in examples from the book, but finishing it the first time has been painful enough.

However, he has difficulty coming to terms with it, and does everything wrong to prevent himself from getting the happy ending he thinks he deserves until the present day where he finally marries her and has to confess all his wrongdoings in his wedding speech.


Paling membencikan sebenarnya the plot twist.

wedding speech khaliza khalid

Karr…well, I almost felt sorry for her, not because of her character, but because of how offensive the author is in portraying her. I literally burst out of the room.

The sister’s character description is too exaggerated. I ran across this book at Borders and upon seeing it’s bluish cover i was hoping for some hopeless romantic wedding blues. May 20, Malvina rated it did not like it.

WEDDING SPEECH – Khaliza Khalid – Google Books

Aug 23, Leo rated it liked it. Technically, the author appears well-versed with writing in English, which is a definite plus.

wedding speech khaliza khalid

There are also some unfortunate use of big words at the wrong places – “literally” is used, redundantly, in scenes where the characters can’t not be literal, for example. If you are against alternative books, try run meter from this book as you might tweet craps in Twitter – condemning the book for no reason at all.

The premise has potential. The reason for the comparison is that Datuk Narcissus is a fully fleshed, believable person, whereas Yusrizan is a half-baked character.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Read it in a few hours and whoa! Is that going to be a trend or what? Yes, bake your own flesh-and-blood in the hope of catching your girlfriend’s attention. The characters Yusrizan is an anti-hero.



Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She weddding merely a plot device that should have been more elegantly executed to create a link between fantasy and reality. What a sad ending. Wonder where she is now. Wedding Speech is Spdech debut novel. Fadzilah Zainal wedfing it really liked it Jun 02, The scenes toward the ending. Conventional dictionary or Thesaurus? However, especially while in the present, the tenses get mangled and reading becomes a jarring experience.

However, I believe that the author has some potential to be good one day. Eventually, this whole twisted thing in this book just burst the anger of the reader. She also happens to know how many times you poop daily.

Narcissus lives in sin, but prays on time.